Drifters Season 2 – Release Cast and Review 2024

This amusing series is filled with a lot of comedy. It’s a show that the current generation would truly admire. The ups and downs of life which the three lead characters go through are showcased with humor. The show is a favorite amongst the youth of the UK.

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A Peek Into The Storyline

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The first season has three main leads. The show revolves around the lives of three young women Meg, Bunny, and Laura who have just graduated and find life to be quite hard. They are looking for a suitable job. As reality hits them they find it difficult to make ends meet.

The three women live in Leeds and are fresh out of college. As they venture into the real world they come across many obstacles. All three women are in a messed-up relationship and are financially struggling.

They all are intertwined between managing their love life and their work life. Meg is managing her parents’ divorce, she also joins a dating app and is on the lookout for a good man. Each episode of the season adds to the drama as new elements unfold. All three women quit their jobs at a mobile company. Andrew breaks up with Meg on the other hand Laura ends her relationship with Gary. Lauren takes up the job of a manager at a bar and Meg works towards the welfare of humankind. She starts working at a charity center.

The Cast

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The first season has three main leads. The three leads continued throughout all the seasons and the show ran through six successful seasons.

Jessica Knappett is the creator of the show and also one of the protagonists. She plays the character of Meg. Bunny is Meg’s cousin. Lydia Bewley plays the role of Bunny. Laura is Bunny and Meg’s best friend. Lauren O’Rourke plays the character of Laura.

Frank and Jenny are Meg’s parents. The role of Frank is played by Bob Mortimer and Jenny’s character is played by Arabella Weir. The Character of Malcolm is played by Nick Mohammed. Mark is Meg’s ex-boyfriend. Mark‘s character is played by Philip McGinley. James is Meg’s younger brother. His character is played by Sam Jackson. There are many other side characters like Sara (James’s wife), Scott (Meg’s neighbor), and Gary.

When Was The Release

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The creators of the show ran the first four series between 2013 to 2016. They have decided to not continue with a new season. The four series(6 seasons) were divided into a total of 24 episodes. Season 2 was aired between 2013-2016. The show was a hit as the story grew so did the fan following.

After a long gap, she didn’t find it profitable and feasible to make a new season and continue with the series. The creator of the show Jessica Knappett has decided that she is planning other projects. She is also working on different projects and has been cast in many films.

Summing It Up

This sitcom is a must-watch, it has a strong storyline. ‘Drifters’ is one of the modern-day series with which the youth can empathize with.