The Son Season 3 – 2024, Storyline, Cast, Dates, Facts

Philipp Meyer’s novel ‘The Son’ is now on TV. This American drama series was broadcasted in April 2017. The 1st season of the show has been a great success for the team of developers and creators. This led to season 2.

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A Peek Into The Storyline


The story of The Son season 1 revolves around Eli being abducted by the tribal chief Toshaway and inculcating doctrine about the Comanches tribe in 1849.

The 2nd season takes us 60 years ahead and talks about Eli and his entire family who wrestles to retain their land. The tale narrates three generations of the McCulloughs and the advancement of their family empire. We find some general cliche as we move forward with the story. It also displays how Eli changes from being an amiable naive father into a conspiring murderer.

Further, it shows how the sons run away from their ancestral inheritance by repeating the history and making the same mistakes that were made earlier.

The Cast


The major role of Eli McCullough has been played fabulously by Pierce Brosnan. The role of Eli has been quite challenging with opposite personalities played by the same person. The youngest child of Eli, Pete McCullough has been portrayed very well by Henry Garrett. The father-son duo would have been incomplete without Henry’s skills and efforts towards his character of Pete. Toss away, who kidnaps Eli and treats him like his son, is wonderfully acted out by Zahn McClarnon. With such a challenging character of a Comanche tribal chief, he has indeed done a great job.

Other supporting roles like that of Maria Gracia and Jennie McCullough have been brilliantly acted by Paola Nunez and Sydney Lucas respectively. Whereas, the role of 85 years old Jennie McCullough was played by actress Lois Smith.

When Can We Expect The Release


The first 10 episodes had been a great start for The Son to move forward with 10 more. However, the 2nd season was meant to be the closure of the series. Sadly, there will not be any more seasons.

Things You May Want To Know About The Son Season 3


Though the fans might be dying to see more of The Son, there will be no such extension of the same. From the Creators’ desk, since the original book had only two stories in it, they have been covered in the two sequels of the series. There is no more material to refer from for coming up with the third sequel. Hence, renewal of The Sons is not possible.

At the moment, the series is discontinued, but keeping in mind the rising demand for more of The Sons from the audience, the creators might pen down a new script to release more episodes in the future.

Summing It Up

With many desiring hearts waiting, it may be sad news that its renewal is called off. However, there is still hope in the future if the creators can create some new content for its extension.