Education as the Magic Wand in Technology and Science

The advancing era of technology has made access to information a lot easier than it was before. Previously, when an individual looked for information regarding any assignment at school, college or about daily life, they had to scroll through every inch of the related book in the library or hover around scholars and highly educated individuals for even a little information that today technology provides with just a click of a button.

Unfortunately, with a great amount of information comes irrelevancy and falseness. Indeed, education has been a silver bullet for trillion of students around the world, as it has improved the current generation’s living conditions, and has opened better job prospectors. However, when focusing on education as a silver bullet in technology, it is highly important to carry out brief research on authentic and reliable information sources.

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Most of you are frequent YouTube users, but have you ever thought about searching for a video that is related to the topic you need information about?

There are several educational channels operated by teachers around the world. These videos usually make everything easier by brainstorming, visual charts plus infographics. Also, many YouTubers share some easy methods to solve problems, like complex algebra questions, which have been troubling you since the start of the semester.

In a recent survey, the most searched video was by students searching for tips to write impeccable essays for their college applications and guess what; there are even videos uploaded by students who got into their dream college.

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Moreover, according to scientific research, our brain tends to grasp information much faster if explained step-wise. Luckily YouTube is filled with tutorials related to every subject you can think of. Therefore, it has smart, feasible and free collection of information that you can access anywhere you want.

Online Courses

In case you didn’t get the required information from YouTube or the video was too short and was not enough to complete your assignment, then don’t worry. Try switching to online websites that offer complete courses related to your subject.

This way you won’t have to study in chunks as these websites will have detailed videos that would cover your whole course. They will also provide you with PDF files that you can print and keep as notes from which you can do a quick revision before your exam.

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Also, if you’re considering an extra subject and you are confused whether you’ll be able to cope up with it, then it’s better to enroll yourself at one of these online courses and assess your capabilities on the internet before taking any decision at your school that you would regret for the rest of the year.

Moreover, many students tend to work after high school, but leaving education would not be beneficial later when your job ends. In such a situation you can just get enrolled at an online teaching site, where they have experts, regular assignments and also monthly exams. This way you’ll be able to work wherever you want and study when you are at home.

Plus, such online platforms have decreased the level of anxiety in many students as they can ask and answer through texting on the page and also discuss the query in the group chat with other students.

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Extensive Research

When you are fully convinced about the chosen subject, it is important to carry out extensive research for other external links that can provide more effective information other than what online courses have taught you. It would be favorable to subscribe to these external links with your active email, so you never miss out any of their new uploads.

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Moreover, visiting the review page from time to time will help you interact with other users, so you will be able to look at the other side of the picture through diverse opinions and ideologies. This research activity would let you examine the topic at various levels and might result in exceptional assignment grades.

Bottom Line

Our system is flawed with several stigmas. One of which says that you should be in college by the age of 19-20. But honestly, education has little to do with age, but rather it needs the mind that is hungry to learn something new every day.

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Education is very important. There should be no barriers when it comes to education, and technology has proved it by spreading free information at every famous social media platform it could. And if you don’t consider it when looking out for content related to your assignment, then you might be losing something that can be super helpful and much more effective than any information that you will find in outdated magazines and books.