Top 5 Best Law Schools In Canada

There isn’t much information and analysis to give future law students the tools to help them choose the best law school. This is why we have created a list for one of the top law schools in Canada. We made our list based on the school’s education, reputation, quality of life and value. Make sure to keep reading until the end to find out our choice of the top 6 best law schools in Canada.

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McGill University – Faculty of Law

The quality of education at McGill University is probably one of the best in the world making it also one of the best schools in Canada. The QS ranking listed McGill’s Faculty of Law as the 25th best in the world and the second-best in Canada. MacLean’s magazine has also ranked McGill pretty high as the 6th best law school in Canada and the best civil law school in Canada.

Finally, McGill University came 25th in the Humanities University Rankings and Times Higher Education Top 100 Arts. Even though being ranked for humanities and arts are not the best points for law schools, it gives clear sight of McGill’s quality of education.

One of the biggest advantages McGill Law offers over other universities is its bilingual opportunities by offering a lot of bilingual degrees. Another distinguished feature McGill Law offers is that it has the best civil law education in Canada.

Faculty of Law at Allard Hall – University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia offers an amazing quality of education throughout its degrees of law. The QS Rankings listed UBS Law as the third best law school in Canada and the 40th in the world. It is also ranked as number 3 in academic reputation in Canada but it still was considerably lower than McGill. However, professors from the University of British Columbia have a very high score for academic citations in comparison with McGill and U of T.

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University of Toronto

University of Toronto law probably has the best quality of education for law in Canada. It is ranked as number one in Canada in the QS Rankins with the highest score in academic reputation too. It also scored pretty highly in other criteria which contributed to their rank of 21st best in the world. MacLean magazine also ranked the University of Toronto as the best law university in Canada.

Université de Montréal – Faculté de Droit

Even though it does not compare closely to McGill or the University of Toronto it still ranked as the top 150th in the world and 6th in Canada by QS Rankings. MacLean magazine consistently ranked it as the best law school in Canada until 2010 at which point McGill University started taking its place as number one.

Queen’s University – Faculty of Law

While for some reason it is always being ranked very low by QS rankings, Queen’s University is consistently highly ranked by MacLean’s magazine making it the 3rd best law school in Canada.

York University – Osgoode Hall Law School

York University is usually ranked in the top 100 in the world and this year it is ranked as the fourth-best in Canada by QS Rankings. MacLean’s magazine usually ranks them high in their top lists, making them the second best law school in Canada this year.