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eSimatic’s Corporate Plans: Redefining Affordable Internet for Businesses

eSimatic seems to make our lives much easier with its revolutionary plans. Although eSIM technology has just started to become widespread, it is actually preferred by many people. When the price advantage is added to the advantages it provides, eSimatic is one of the leading companies in the e-SIM world. In this article, we will explore the world of e-SIM with you and talk about eSimatic’s affordable internet plans. Let’s dive in!

e-SIM Technology 

e-SIM Technology 

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We live in the age of communication. Computers, televisions, cell phones and many other smart electronic devices are in the hands of many of us. The channels of communication have become as important as the sender and receiver.

Internet providers for our computers, social media for messaging, landline service providers for home phones and mobile operators for our cell phones. All these providers and operators need to know their customers, of which there are many, and provide everyone with as many mobile data plans as they pay for. While this works in different ways in different telecommunications fields, today operators recognize their customers through SIM cards.

This stack of semiconductors, which can be small and of various sizes and whose original name is ICC, is used in many areas today. In addition to cell phones, it is also used in the banking sector, smart home systems, and even ID cards. The ICC (Integrated Circuit Card) is basically a microchip. These tiny circuits made of plastic, polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene terephthalate are called SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards by mobile operators.

Until today, SIM cards were a very efficient and good technology, but now that everything is gradually digitalized and these technologies were not taken into account when they were first developed, some security risks have started to emerge.

Due to reasons such as the difficulty of changing operators due to the need for a physical SIM card, thieves copying SIM cards and committing crimes on behalf of innocent people, and security vulnerabilities in the tools used to identify subscriber information on the SIM card, technologies that can replace the SIM have started to be considered rapidly. At this point, e-SIM is now waiting for us to be used in our cell phones and many other areas.

The Advatageous World of e-SIM 

The Advatageous World of e-SIM 

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eSIM is a technology developed to reduce the disadvantages and risks of SIM/ICC cards that can be physically replaced by the user, while at the same time providing users with many conveniences. “This innovation, called “Embedded SIM”, actually refers to a tiny chip built into your phone in its simplest form.

Thanks to this small chip, which works in a similar way to the NFC technology that we use frequently, we will no longer need to physically change something to change operators. The information in the eSIM can be rewritten or deleted and you can change your mobile operator at any time with a simple phone call.

It is also possible to subscribe to any operator in minutes as if you were opening an application account and start using it immediately. eSIM is also supported by the GSMA (GSM Association), the organization that sets the standards for mobile networks (GSM industry) and is defined as a worldwide standard. Apart from its usefulness, since there is no physical card, it is unlikely to be copied by attackers or thieves. In this respect, we can say that it is more secure.

eSimatic Plans for Redifining Internet for Business 

eSimatic Plans for Redifining Internet for Business

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With the help of revpanda, eSimatic introducing eSIM with continuous connectivity across France. No more physical SIM card replacement. Reduce plastic waste with eSIM, an environmentally friendly option.

Device setup and activation made it even simpler. Enjoy instant photo sharing from the French Riviera. Also providing more robust support for connected IoT devices, eSimatic is waiting for you in its advantageous world with tariff prices starting from $4.99!

eSimatic protects you from expensive roaming charges throughout your trip, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and seamless access to reliable networks. Thus, you can make your travel experience more enjoyable and connected, and travel comfortably without any communication disruptions.