Essential Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

If you’re looking for reliable yet topnotch web hosting for your website the very first time, then you might have few questions in mind such as:

Which company should I choose?

Which type of hosting is best for you, shared, dedicated, VPS or cloud?

Don’t know how to find the right host for you?

Should you go for cheap or expensive option?

Everyone face such scenarios at some stage of their online journey.  So, don’t worry. We have covered some essential points in this article to help you choose the right provider.

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Ease of Use

Many users think creating a website is not that simple as it requires technical and advanced coding skills. That’s was true a decade ago when you had to develop everything from scratches. It was time-consuming and frustrating, but things are changed. You have plenty of CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Prestashop using which anyone with a piece of basic knowledge can set up a site in a matter of minutes. But, to get such a feature, you should check your hosting provider thoroughly to know if their platform is easy to use, offer one-click installers for all leading CMS.

Besides that, cPanel is dead simple to use, widely being used by many web hosts in the industry to make technical stuff easier. It includes one-click apps installation wizards making it easy for newbies to deploy any software in a few clicks. The users can view daily traffic, create manual backups, modify DNS settings, make sub-domains, and many things in cPanel. Luckily, there are dozens of hosts offering the cheapest hosting for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Or you make use of this guide by Mytipshub to learn more about cheap web hosting.


Every company, besides product nature, claims to deliver the best services, right?

However, not all work the same way. There are many provides guaranteed to offer top of the line services, unluckily, that’s not true. It’s essential to review the company’s infrastructure deeply to know which hardware is empowering their platform, software updates regulation, do they implement the latest approaches on the priority basis, etc.

For example, PHP 7 version is much speedy compared to the old version. Verify if your host utilizing the updated version is essential. Otherwise, your site will load slowly. One simple solution to such issue is having a Linux OS based server as it’s not only fast but tough to break.

Web hosting speed is another thing to consider; advanced hardware delivers speedy service. You can ask this through the company’s live chat because sometimes such information did not mention on the site.

Don’t forget to ask a number of data centers, locations, and uptime. Having various data centers helps you locate your site’s content near to target audience hence loads it fastly. However, you can also utilize Cloudflare CDN for optimum performance; it’s FREE too.


The online world of internet is full of surprises. No ones know when what’d happen. It can cause happiness or create problems for you and your business. It’s possible someone breaks your site, hack it, or delete everything.

To avoid such conditions, your hosting provider should implement bulletproof security measures, use updated software patches, encrypt users data, and backup as well.

The use of two-layer authentication also make hacking tough, so embrace it. On top of that, the server level firewall is also essential. You double check these stuff to ensure maximum security.


Web hosting plans pricing is simple to confirm if the host is not charging too much. You can visit multiple web hosts and compare prices before making a purchase. Isn’t is dead simple?

However, do verify renewal prices. Hosting companies entice users by throwing the biggest promotional prices and then charge high on upsells. That’s the common practice in this industry, but knowing it is necessary.


Remember the statement we said in the security section that anything could happen? That’s also true for support services. How you’ll deal with problems or in case of technical issues? Well, this is where the importance of 24/7 customer support comes handy. Your provider should offer round the clock assistance via phone call, chat, and email for resolve problems.

Last but not least:

Which type of hosting should you choose?

If you’re a starter, then pick shared web hosting plan, probably the basic plan. It will save a lot of money. For moderate and lightweight traffic, VPS is the best option, but it’s a bit costly than shared servers. Beyond that, dedicated servers are suitable for large websites getting millions of monthly visitors. Cloud hosting is another affordable option but requires some technical know-how to manage your cloud server.

We hope this article will help you decide on which host suits you and essential features to keep in mind before investing your hard earned money. You’re also welcome to ask further questions in the comments section below.