Top IT Staff Augmentation Companies in Vietnam

Vietnam has developed considerably in recent years on matters of information technology. It has moved from a low-tech built-up to a service-oriented economy. Therefore, the Information technology sector of Vietnam has gained traction that has paved a significant market competition to other firms in countries such as India, China, and the Philippines. In addition, the growing regional market for local enterprises and global tech vendors has partly encouraged the rise of IT staff augmentation companies.

Most IT staff augmentation companies help organizations get the right professionals with the requisite skills. They also help firms minimize unnecessary costs through a thorough analysis of clients’ needs and the skills of the professional.

The significant growth of companies such as Orient software is worth noting in the broader spectrum of Information Technology because of the excellent and exceptional services it provides. With many IT staff augmentation companies in Vietnam, the future of technology in Vietnam is bright and rich.

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Outstanding IT staff augmentation companies in Vietnam

Service and support are essential in Information and Technology because they help integrate an organization’s operations seamlessly. Since IT staff augmentation entails outsourcing temporary personnel to work on short-term projects, it is important to leverage employees’ work. It eases and improves the overall performance of employees by minimizing how they strain on projects with many technicalities.

The following companies are the tech behemoths in Vietnam.

1. Orient Software


Orient Software is a top-notch IT company in Vietnam. The company has grown drastically and provides essential IT services to numerous clients globally. Orient software specializes in providing high-quality software development services.

Therefore, orient fundamental principle lies in collaboration, social ethics, responsibility, and tenacity. Orient developers’ deals with QA & testing, custom software development, AI & machine learning, and UX/UI design.


JANET is a prolific software company in Vietnam that mainly focuses on mobile and web development. With extensive capabilities and top-class resources, JANET can streamline all your project’s requirements easily and purposely.

Therefore, your idea can be taken from a blueprint to ultimate reality. The Company offers services that include; web design, UX/UI Design, IT strategy consulting, custom software development, and IT staff augmentation.



Amaris is a company based in Vietnam founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2007. It has rapidly expanded and grown thanks to the high demand for its services. Amaris, therefore majorly focuses on UX/UI and testing, mobile development, web development, and E-commerce development. In addition, it engages in IT staff augmentation, AR/VR development, IoT development, blockchain, and custom software development.

4. NQT Solutions

NQT is a well-established company for IT consulting, solutions, and services in Vietnam that help medium, small and big enterprises globally. The strong virtue of dedication to quality has influenced the growth of the company.

5. Groove Technology

Groove technology is an outstanding company in Vietnam that paves the way for high caliber and innovative technology. It provides essential services: IoT, development, IT staff augmentation and web development.

By using a unique integrated resource model, the technology helps maximize opportunities to increase profits and staff well-being.

6. SYNOVA Solutions


SYNOVA solutions are a widely known IT consulting Company in Vietnam. Many subsidiary companies are in Switzerland, France, Korea, and Singapore. The pride of SYNOVA is its ability to foster an admirable multicultural environment.

Additionally, it focuses on gradual improvements in its processes to ensure timely delivery of services alongside high quality. SYNOVA specializes in IT staff augmentation, web development, mobile app development, and application & support.


Sunbytes is a fast-growing web development company in Vietnam. The Company has great professionals in word press systems sites. In addition, Sunbytes works on web development IT staff augmentation, among other services. The great and organized state of Sunbytes has improved its rating to a master class IT company that is recognized by many.

8. TSC Software Engineer Staffing Agency

TSC is a leading recruitment agency in Vietnam in terms of technology. TSC software has primarily developed in providing numerous IT services to many firms globally. With diverse and experienced personnel, TSC has focused on software engineer staffing services.

The market for services of the Company serves various countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. TSC Company specializes in human resources and IT staff augmentation in high demand worldwide.

9. Pentalog


Pentalog is a digitally transformed company in Vietnam that highly prides itself on skilled IT professionals to handle technical challenges. It serves clients from many countries: France, Switzerland, Canada, the USA, and Singapore.

Most of the firms it serves are dynamic startups. Pentalog’s wide variety of services includes; iOS development, testing, and IT staff augmentation services.

10. Hivetech Vietnam

Hivetech is a forward-thinking business in terms of technology. The Company provides IT services to customers worldwide since it has many IT professionals and experts. Most of its services help many industries, including; logistics, trading inventory, financial services, and inventory trading. The vision of Hive Techs is to ensure a great central focus for high-quality solutions for human development and education.


3FORCOM is a software consulting and solution company in Vietnam. It deals with mobile app development and web-based development for many businesses and enterprises in Belgium, France, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Additionally, 3FORCOM provides e-commerce solutions and mobile consumer applications. Furthermore, the use of advanced technology, management model, and frameworks ensures customers’ plans for development are executed swiftly and in a cost-effective manner.



Vietnam is an upcoming innovation hub that is growing gradually tech-wise. Most IT companies in Vietnam have a sound and promising future. This is because of government support and advanced technologies that are emerging progressively. Therefore, making an informed decision is a fundamental task for your organization. It will help you choose wisely the company when looking for IT staff augmentation companies with requisite professionals to handle your projects. You will spend less money through employment to get seasonal employees to work on specific projects in your company.