11 Essentials Every Modern Living Room Should Have in 2024

Every living room needs a couple of essential furniture and accessories to look the part. If you’re reading this article, then chances are you’re remodeling your living room into a modern one.

And if that’s the case, then you’re probably here for first-hand tips on what to get. There are tons of ways to get the modern living room you’ve always wanted.

And that’s precisely why the decision is so hard to make. With the endless resources and articles on the topic, knowing where to read from and where to begin with can be a rather trickier task.

That’s why this article will be your guide on the 11 essentials every modern living room should have. Don’t go anywhere as we’ll be touching on a few topical things.

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1.  Sofa


An absolute necessity when it comes to decorating a modern living room, a sofa will be one of your first buys and that’s exactly why we have it on number one.

The sofa will also be the largest furniture piece you’ll buy, so it beats knowing that you’ll make this type of transaction only once.

But it’s well worth buying a sofa because it adds so much to your living room. We don’t have to mention the seating space it offers, but we will mention its capabilities to turn your stale living room into a beautiful and modern one.

2.  Coffee Table


What living room is complete without a coffee table in the middle of everything? This one’s pretty straightforward; a coffee will be there accompanying you for your morning coffee.

But more than that, a good coffee table can add so much character to the living room.

Whenever buying one, make sure to measure it along with the other furniture as you don’t want to be buying a coffee table that’s bigger or smaller than the sofa.

3.  Side Tables

Side tables are excellent in the modern setting as they can be quite useful.

While we do emphasize minimalism, the fact that we have so many accessories lying around in the living room can put a great amount of pressure on your coffee table.

Side tables offer a landing hand and are excellent for holding lamps, the remote control, the ashtray, and anything in between. If you have something lying around that you don’t want it on the coffee table, then you put it on the side table; simple as.

4.  Accent Chairs


In the modern setting, having extra sitting space is always advised. Ask any professional home decorator and they’ll explain that you must own at least one accent chair.

An accent chair provides extra sitting space but is also great for breaking the monotony. Your sofa will most likely be the main focus of attention, and an accent chair is a great way to put some pressure and draw some of the eyes.

Also, they’re quite darn comfy.

5.  TV


Owning a quality TV will work in your favor when decorating your new modern living room. The keyword here is “modern”, so an outdated TV won’t do any good.

Although it costs more, getting a 4K Ultra HD television will be more than capable of providing you with the much-needed home entertainment during the pandemic.

4K is getting more and more popular, with lots of broadcasters optimizing their content for the video setting. Anything from sports to movies and TV shows will look amazing on your new 4K TV.

The tricky part here, however, is that it can be very hard to find the best one. Since 4K is in high demand, a lot of manufacturers put out quality units every single year.

Make sure to read this review whenever you’re on the market for a new 4K Ultra HD TV.

6.  Rugs

Rugs are excellent additions since they’re comfy and aesthetical. A lot of modern homes put rugs in the living room to increase the overall appeal of the main room.

Since this will be the room that will welcome guests and family members, having something comfy underneath their feet will be more than welcoming.

7.  Lighting

No room is complete without sufficient lighting. This isn’t the dark ages so you don’t have to go out candle shopping to lighten the living room.

In the modern-day, you can use normal lighting, lamps, and even chandeliers. While the last one certainly reminds us of the great castles of the dark ages, it is one of the best ways to lighten the living room none the less.

8.  Table Lamps

For extra lighting, make sure to get at least one table lamp to cover the areas of the living room that are darker. Table lamps, as the name suggests, are meant to go on the coffee table or the side table.

If you’re struggling to decide where remember that this is exactly why you’re getting a side table for.

9.  Pillows


Want to make the living room more personal, add more style, and character? If so, then pillows are excellent additions that work well with your sofa.

When buying pillows, there aren’t any rules for it. You can buy a couple that works well with your sofa, or they could be completely contrasting.

Just make sure they’re comfy enough so your guests will use them.

10. Books

Onto the accessory part of the guide, books are a great way to show your guests your taste in written literature. But more than that, a great book will keep your mind preoccupied during a lazy Saturday night.

If you’re planning on keeping a particular book in the living room, then the side table will be its place.

11. Wall Art


No modern home is complete without sufficient wall art. This is yet another piece of accessory that doesn’t pick or choose styles or tastes.

If you see a particular wall art that you like, then get it and hang it in the living room. Wall art is quite possibly one of the best ways to decorate, and an even better way to break monotony while giving providing lots of character.