Wholesale Sunglasses to Custom T-Shirts 

Event Planning Essentials: From Wholesale Sunglasses to Custom T-Shirts 

When planning any successful event, paying attention to the finer details goes a long way in creating a memorable experience for attendees. Everything from the event décor and catering to the promotional giveaways must align cohesively with the event branding and intended vibe.

As an event planner then, understanding best practices around custom branding, sourcing affordable promotional items, and budgeting becomes critical.

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Defining Event Goals and Brand Messaging

Defining Event Goals and Brand Messaging

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Well before finalizing any physical event details, the foundational step involves clearly defining the event vision, goals, and target brand experience. Key areas to lock down upfront include:

  • Key objectives – What purpose will this event serve? Drive product sales? Increase brand awareness? Fundraise for charity? Celebrate a milestone?
  • Target audience – Who specifically makes up the attendee demographic? This determines messaging tone, interaction formats, etc.
  • Brand personality and aesthetics – What consistent visual branding and stylistic elements define the company/product identity beyond this individual event?
  • Budget parameters – What total budget has been allocated for the event based on scope, attendee expectations and resources?

Anchoring strategic decisions to this core direction throughout planning prevents scope creep or disjointed results. Any promotional products sourced, whether sunglasses handed out on-site or customized tee shirts sold on merch tables, must creatively reinforce the defined branding.

Sourcing Creative Promotional Products

Sourcing Creative Promotional Products Sunglasses

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Looking for creative promotional giveaways or merchandise beyond standard brochures and stickers brings immense added value. Unique offers attract attendee interest, increase event interactivity, provide shareable social media content, and ultimately strengthen brand recall long after.

Especially for consumer facing brands, orders like custom sunglasses, event-branded apparel and other creative merchandise often justify the higher investment over generic items forgotten quickly.

  • Wholesale Sunglasses – The people at Olympic Eyewear say that sourcing wholesale deals on trendy, polarized sunglasses then customizing them with printed or embroidered brand logos makes for highly visible walking impressions long after events. Consider order minimums, lead times, accessorizing cases and microsite selling capabilities when vetting sunglass promotional suppliers.
  • Custom Apparel – Event T-shirts screen printed or embroidered with original branding and event specifics represent popular merch keepsakes and social media marketing tools. Partner with domestic T-shirt wholesalers able to offer online design labs, flexible order quantities and quick fulfillment.
  • Unique Giveaways – Possibilities abound for offbeat promotional products aligned to brand identities, from branded portable phone chargers and reusable water bottles to high-end food and wine gifts. Cast a wider net across specialty categories when gift searching.
  • Event Merch Stores – Planning pop-up merchandise shops to sell branded apparel, accessories other logo gear onsite taps into attendee desire to physically display brand affinity. Factoring ecommerce components lets merch continue selling long after events close.

Allocating budget for creative promotional planning not only delights attendees but stretches branding beyond the event itself. Prioritize giveaways capable of visually reminding recipients of associated positive experiences for months following.


Onsite Branding and Event Décor

Onsite Branding and Event Décor 

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Beyond individual promotional giveaways, unifying the surrounding event aesthetics, venue layout and environmental touches to match defined branding deepens immersive experiences.

Products passed out at registration lose impact if attendees then enter wildly mismatched venues. Fostering holistic branded environments better showcases the symbolic meaning behind promotional products themselves.


Orchestrating memorable end-to-end event experiences encompassing everything from catering logistics to custom merch production involves infinite details.

But dedicating focus firstly to overarching branding strategy and emotional connections over one-off promotional tactics grounds programs for success.

Sourcing creative promotional products acts as merely one vehicle, reinforcing broader branding ambitions set from the outset.

Whether handing out sunglasses or selling custom tees, all physical touchpoints should work in unison towards producing holistic branded environments that captivate audiences while capturing their imaginations around what a brand represents at its core.