Smart Refrigerator: Are you Looking to Buy One?

In the era of technology, everyone wants to make their lifestyle comfortable and smart. So they prefer to live in a smart house with smart appliances as per the convenience. A lot of smart home appliances are available in the market including refrigerator. According to which12order, if you are looking for the best refrigerator in India, you should understand the trends first.

Almost all the manufacturers are trying to provide as much as features in the fridge to improve their customer satisfaction graph. High competition in the market has put the pressure over the manufacturers to provide a quality product with the latest technology. IoT based appliances are in the trend as they are smart enough and are compatible with the other devices at your home.

As we are talking about technology then let me tell you technology has become so vast that you can connect your fridge with the internet and can order groceries with your voice. For example, Samsung has launched the model which gets connected to the app and you can control its activities on mobile. You can check what grocery is required by checking the items in the fridge from that Mastercard application.

Some latest models have digital screens which allow you to listen to music and let you access some apps. While working in the kitchen you can enjoy your favorite tunes. As we discussed in the previous paragraph that you can check food items present in your fridge. There is an internal camera which enables this feature and let you check items even if you are not at home.

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Smart Fridges for Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of the fridge is increasing day by day. In the 1980s, a normal fridge was supposed to consume 1,279-kilowatt hours annually. And, it consumes half of this power rate and offering 20% more storage.

If you have a smart fridge and are able to manage it remotely then you do not need to worry about power drain. You can set up it as per your requirements. With time, the efficiency rate is also increasing. It will not get defrost during the afternoons in summers. If you are getting this service from your local electronic organization then it is the best option.

This will not only save your money but also help out the local brands in increasing their product quality and efficiency.

What to Look For

Here arises the next question, what features to look before making a purchase. In that case, you must be aware of your own requirements. You can decide the model on the basis of storage, food items that you prefer to store, and your lifestyle, etc.

If you mostly stay out then the model with the internal camera will prove the best pick for you. Which will let you know what items or grocery is need to be purchased.

Energy Efficient Enclosure Climate Control

Smartness and Durability are the two features to be considered while investing money in the refrigerator. As we know, the refrigerator is a machine to be used on a regular basis which makes everyone to think twice before purchase. Models having powder coated panels are more in demand as it reduces the chance of getting faded.

Keeping the demand in mind most of the manufacturing companies are bending towards the manufacture of powder coated parts for the fridge. Because of the regular use, your refrigerator should be strong to stand in every temperature.

The other main factors to be considered are its capacity, usability, energy efficiency and the ease of cleaning the fridge.

How Popular Are Smart Fridges?

In 2013 as per the records of the global kitchen appliances market revenue, the smart refrigerator sale was counted at the top. And the rate of revenue is increasing every year and the ROI digits are getting double.

There is no doubt that smart fridges are in more demand because of its advanced technology and the affordable price. Because of the tough competition between the brands, customers are getting benefits of new features. The best part of this war is to check which company comes to the top and which gets faded.

Let us check out the features to be kept in mind while purchasing the smart fridge. And, how they fulfill your family’s expectations?


Here comes the first thing to remember – Compatibility. The IoT concept has forces the technology to work as per the global network of devices. IOT means to get connected with the internet and makes the information sharable with other machines/ devices. This concept is basic and vital for all IOT based machines.

If we go a little bit in deep then the IOT is a very growing and large network. Its main motive is to make all the devices interconnected with software, sensor, etc. So that the responsiveness of the product increases and meets the customer requirements.

And the other reason is to make these devices compatible with other machines in the house. These days the technology is able to support the other smart technologies. This concept decides whether technology is smart or not.

Setting criteria standards

In the world of digitization, there are many concepts to be considered to evaluate the best technology. Here are some points of smart devices mentioned below:

  • Wireless functioning of the device.
  • Perform functions and gets input without external user input.
  • Its compatibility with other smart or IOT devices.
  • Have more features as compared to other normal devices.

The device which has inbuilt above-mentioned features is the smart product for sure. And do not need to worry about its quality or reliability.

Thus, you can see that investing over such appliances is can be fruitful for us in the future. Now, since you know all about it, ask as more as you can to your dealer before buying one.