Expat Lawyer Service In Spain: Why Balcells Group Is Your Best Option

Legal representation in any foreign country is very important for any activity that merits its services. Currently, in Spain, there are a lot of legal companies that offer their service of lawyers for expatriates. Before choosing any of these services, you should know whether or not you can count on a true professional.

In this case, Balcells Group offers an exceptional lawyer service. With over 40 years of experience in the legal field offering services to national and expatriate clients, Balcells Group is the perfect example of legal representation to solve problems related to immigration, business, and taxes in Spain.

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What should an expatriate lawyer service offer?

Legal advice by a lawyer service must cover a large number of areas. The design and coordination of tasks for expatriates in Spain is the main one, covering not only normal clients, but it must also include legal and tax companies in their services.


For common expats

If we expand the functions of an expatriate lawyer service, they would be the following:

Tax advice for people

It is important that every expatriate individual who wants legal assistance can obtain it through this service, without exception.

Advice before displacement

There are a lot of doubts that are generated in clients who wish to expatriate. Legal assistance services must be there to solve them. Balcells Group may do so if you communicate remotely with them.

Expatriation assistance

During the expatriation process, the tax registry in the destination country (in this case, Spain) must provide a service that includes all legal scenarios. It includes deregistration in the country of birth, in addition to presenting tax returns in a transparent manner.


Advice for return to the country of origin

This service is provided in the legal framework to perform tax calculations; in this way, the global tax burden is estimated.

Legal representative before the tax authority

The expatriate should not worry about having this service in the hands of a professional lawyer. It may be represented in any case in which it must be submitted to a tax authority, either to carry out procedures or be in fiscal representation of its client.

The tax regime of expatriates of IRPF in Spain

Total advice of expatriates of the IRPF. This service will help you determine whether or not to request the expatriate tax regime. Lawyers should assist you if you need help with each IRPF process.


Expatriate work contracts

Analysis of the employment contract of the expatriate employee.

Termination of contracts or dismissals

Analysis and advice on termination of contracts voluntarily by the expatriate, or by the decision of the company.

Legal Advice for companies

In the case of being a company with expatriate personnel, legal advice in Spain should provide the following services:

  • Expatriate personnel entry and exit
  • Cost calculation and tax optimization of packages paid to employees
  • Estimation of tax costs related to expatriation, in addition to the expatriate’s net salary
  • Preparation and presentation of tax returns
  • Expatriation of its employees
  • Displacement and expatriation contracts
  • Contract termination advice
  • International agreements and social security signed by Spain.

Balcells Group is the best option against any legal situation that a lawyer deserves. It has each of the previously named services, in addition to 4 decades of experience that ensure excellent service.


Does Balcells Group only offer service to expats?

Both the inpatriate and expatriate, Balcells Group offers its legal advice service in Spain. On the site you can find information about all the services they provide, in addition to the contact numbers of the personalized assistance staff.

Main services in which Balcells Group specializes

The company has a wide labor field in legal terms. These include actions in the field of:

  • Immigration
  • Business
  • Taxes
  • Real estate
  • Legal situations

Some of the legal advisory services in which Balcells Group has participated most are the creation of companies and Gold Visas.

Is it safe to have Balcells Group?

With more than 1800 satisfied customers and 4 decades of experience, this question seems absurd. On your website, we can see the opinions of real customers about their services, as well as the cost for some of their services.

If you would like more information about what Balcells Group can do or not through the legal field, contact them through their contact numbers on the official website of the company.

Are there other legal services for expatriates in Spain?

Obviously, there are other reliable legal companies with quality lawyers within Spain. But when it comes to legal terms, the quality of the advice offered by Balcells Group is well above many.

The important thing is that you have an option that allows you to solve problems immediately. Your time is money and when it comes to legal matters, making the most of it is important.