Eye Damage Caused by Poor Welding Helmets

Working with welding machinery is not at all easy, and it can confront you with many risks. The primary and common threat is to your eye during this kind of work. This work includes the release of intense rays and sparkling, which can directly affect the retina of the eye.

The welding helmet is essential and helpful when it comes to your safety during work. The eyes are very sensitive and precious, and their protection is necessary. You must use a high-quality helmet, which is made of sturdy metal and dark screen; the light won’t create any harm to your face and eyes.


There are many miserable and poor welding helmets available in the market which cannot give you the desired protection. It is entirely unsafe to do the welding labor without wearing reliable helmets which fulfills all the safety standards.

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Damages Welding can do if you do not wear a quality Welding helmet

We often see the labor or welders wear traditional helmets which do not ensure eye safety in its real sense. People use it because of the low cost or lack of awareness of how serious problems this carelessness can invite. You can face a lot of eye damage by choosing the inadequate and unsafe helmet. Some of the issues you can face are as follows:

Eye Infection


The helmet is crucial during the welding procedure as it can profoundly influence the wellness of your eyes. The exposure of intense light or rays through this process can attack directly to the cornea, which can lead to severe eye infections and sometimes to blindness.

Eye Irritation and Pain

You can also face the irritation or eye redness issues as many types of UV rays can be released during the welding. These UV rays are not suitable for the face and eyes and can lead to eye pain, tearing and reddening, and many more damages.



It is another common damage caused by poor welding helmets. In this problem, you cannot look at the light components or sources. This eye hazard is dangerous and can lead to many difficulties.

Retinal Burning

The retina of your eyes is a very sensitive part which can be injured or burned if you do not use the proper safety measures in the form of the high-quality welding helmet. This problem is not very common, but there is always a risk of it if you are a welder.

How to choose the quality Welding Helmet?


They are available in many colors, shape, and quality. We have mentioned earlier that you can encounter many serious eye infections or problems if you choose the low safety helmet for welding. Here are some of the main concerns you should consider while buying one for yourself.

  • It contains all the necessary safety features
  • It should be made of strong metal and dark screen
  • The weight must be light so that you can carry it easily
  • Make sure that it is comfortable to wear
  • The size must be appropriate according to your head to ensure the best adjustability
  • It should meet the safety standards like ANSIZ87.1 and CAN/CSA Z94.3

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