6 Factors To Consider When Getting Wigs For Sale

As wigs have become an essential in any typical fashion toolkit, more people have shifted towards the business of getting wigs for sale. This business is widely recognised as a lucrative one because it forms part of the business of looking good. However, the major issue people have is with how to start out with this business idea.

In this article, you’ll be discovering various factors to consider when getting wigs for sale. This will help you navigate the wig business with minimal stress and hassle. Let’s dive in!

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Factors To Consider When Getting Wigs For Sale

1. Research

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Market research is the first step to always take before starting a business no matter how small. Of course, research might sound quite boring on various levels, but it’s the best way to fast track your success in any business. For the hair wig business, you need to conduct a market research by reading magazines about retailing wigs, study your competitors by mapping out their strengths and flaws, and talk to people who love wigs to get a feel of what customers want.

Beyond this, you can look for blog articles in the beauty industry to help you learn more about the wig industry. Know who your competitors are and outline your key findings to give you a wider scope of what the wig market looks like. This gives you a better idea of the trends in the wig industry, competitors’ listings, the standard prices for different types of wigs, and your target audience.

2. Wig Knowledge

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Wigs are differentiated by various factors which include colour, length, texture, shape, etc. These factors largely determine the price of wigs, as the materials used for making each wig are different. Therefore, you next line of action should be to learn about wigs to determine the kind of wigs customers go for, their reasons for picking those wigs, and how much their willing to pay for them.

You can also take things a step further by learning how to take care of each type of wig and the wig that suits each customer best. This is for the customers who are beginners in the wig game. They come to you with no idea about which wig to start with, and being able to teach them a few things will go a long way.

3. Avenues to stock Wigs

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Once you’ve gotten a good knowledge of wigs, it makes it easier to compile the list of wigs you’d like to stock. But here comes the next part: you can’t stock wigs without a plug for getting wigs for sale. No matter how lucrative the business might seem, you can’t do it all your own.

You need to source for wholesalers or manufacturers who are willing to sell to you at discounted prices. However, this discounted price must give you at least 40% margin to converse all your cost and make room for profit. Of course, there are risks with relying on suppliers online, as you might not know the quality of the wig you might be getting.

But this is easily avoidable with extra ground work. Once you get a quality wig, note the brand and tell your supplier to get you the exact same piece. You can also build a good rapport with a local supplier that will allow you feel the texture of the wigs.

4. Presentation costs

Packaging is everything when it comes to business. This covers how you display or present your products to your customers. Some products are good, but their packaging discourages people from getting them because it looks disorganized or shabby. In other words, your wig presentation creates a lasting impression on customers looking to buy them.

5. Delivery and Logistics

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In this age where almost everything is now done online, you’ll rarely see people who will come to buy from you in person. This has widened the scope of your target audience, as many of them might be in different countries across the world. So, you have to also consider delivery methods and transportation costs involved in getting the wigs to your customers. It also helps to find reliable and quick delivery methods, as it speaks a lot about your business.

6. Marketing costs

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Social media has now made it much easier to reach a wide range of people within the shortest amount of time. However, there are still certain costs to consider like influencer marketing costs and costs for promotions online. This is a vital aspect of the wig business because it widens your customer base, bringing about more profit.


As wigs have become an essential in the fashion toolkit, the wig business has increasingly developed into a lucrative business. However, you need to take note of a few factors when getting wigs for sale. Some of them include research, wig knowledge, avenues for stocking wigs, and marketing costs. With these factors, you’re well on your way to a successful wig venture.