How Do I Find Accommodation When I’m in Barcelona?

Barcelona is an amazing place to live. You can go for tours but would never like to come back. This place has got a mix of everything. You get to experience their rich culture and then the night is completely vibrant. Food? They got the most authentic taste and amazing food. And you can also do shopping. Just live the life of your dreams.

But wait,

Where would you sleep? This is a troublesome thing. Usually, tourists arrange their accommodation beforehand. However, some of them don’t because they are tight on budget. Therefore, if you do not have much cash in your hand but you still want to enjoy life, you would look for cheap stays.

And no need to worry about that. Barcelona receives a lot of tourists. Therefore, they offer various types of living options. For example, you can either choose to stay at a hotel. Or you can look for cheaper accommodation. But if you do not want to book a place, you can choose a hostel. There is a hostel that offers shared rooms. You will get a bed in a room with other roommates.

So if you want to travel across the place and will come to the room only to sleep, this is the best option for you.

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Things to know

But before going to Barcelona, you need to learn more about it. There are sites where they have all the details that you will need. They have the information regarding Covid-19 restrictions. Furthermore, you will also get the “must-see” option and how you will get around, and where you should go. You can visit here to learn what is going on in Barcelona this month and about all other things.

How to find your place to stay?

There are different living options that you will get in Barcelona. These options include 5-star hotels, cheap resorts, and shared rooms.

So how will you find the stay of your choice?

1. Through agencies


The easiest and safest way that you can choose is to find an agency. You are new to Barcelona and are not aware of the neighborhood and also living spaces where you can go. Therefore, you should go to an agency. Because they know the safe places. They are well aware of the rental spaces.

All you need to tell them is your demands and what you are living to pay. The agency will find a suitable place according to your requirement.

And you also have to prepare yourself mentally to pay the agency fee. If they are going to find a place for you, you have to pay a fee too. That won’t be too much but because they are doing a job, they need their payment.

2. Websites


But if you are doubtful about the agencies too, there are other options to choose from. There are plenty of websites and online platforms that work specifically on providing a list of living spaces. You can find a room in a house or in a hostel without any trouble.

For example, you can go to  they have a selection of rental stays. Especially the short-term ones.

So if you are low on budget and you are looking for a place for a short-term stay, you should give it a try. All you need to tell them is your arrival date and departure and how many people you are. This will provide you with various options to choose from. Thus, you will be able to find the place of your choice and budget without going through much trouble.

3. Facebook


We all use social media but have you ever used it for ensuring facts or helping yourself? Social media is not only about keeping in contact with your friends and family members. And it is not for increasing your fan base only. Instead, you can use it to find the best marketplace for your needs.

So if you are looking for a place to stay in Barcelona, you can actually find it through Facebook. There are specific groups where people post about their demands and their provisions. So if you go and visit one such group, you will surely find many options. So go and find someone who is sharing one of his rooms for visitors. This could be the best way to find a suitable place to stay.

4. Finding roommates


This is one of the common ways of finding cheaper stays. Barcelona is a hot tourist destination and a lot of tourists visit it around the year. Therefore, there is not a specific season. Although there are times when the number of tourists is too much. But you can still find roommates all around the year.

One of such options is to find a rental space. There are houses that are specially made for rental purposes. You can contact the owner and find yourself a room. There will be other people in the home too. But then there is a different way of handling the jobs.

For example, when you are living in a shared place, you will have to divide duties. Like if all of you are going to cook, who will cook and who will clean up the space.

5. Night stays


And yes you also get to choose your staying time. A lot of tourists spend most of the time on the road. Furthermore, they do not have much luggage just a few pairs of jeans and tees. They can keep it in their backpack. So all of their necessities are in the backpack. They do not need room to keep their luggage. Thus, they can save a lot of your amount on stays. You do not have to clean the space nor do the dishes.

All you have to do is to walk around the city. Visit the places you wanted to. Take pictures and enjoy the time. At night, you can go to shared hostels and find yourself a bed to sleep on.