Why Is Fine Bone China Raising The Trend Of Dinnerware?

Fine bone china dinner sets are winning hearts and becoming a part of every modern home. They are setting the trend and, most importantly, giving a new definition to the luxurious dining experience. From their aesthetic values to durability, fine bone china is worth every penny.

Although porcelain dinnerware has been a popular choice for decades, people are now switching to a more luxurious option to enhance their dining experience and add a more sophisticated touch to their tables. Even though fine bone china dinner sets are a little more expensive than porcelain dinnerware, they are cheaper than bone china sets. There are many reasons to invest in a fine bone china set; stay tuned to the article to know in detail.

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The Enticing History Of Bone China

Bone china has a rich and enticing history to share. By its name, people usually predict that they have evolved from China; however, surprisingly, bone china was invented by an Englishman named Thomas Frye in 1748. He created this unique material in his factory called ‘Bow Porcelain Factory.

The specialty of bone china lies in its material, which also makes it strong and durable. Frye’s factory in London was close to all the slaughterhouses and cattle markets. Hence, he readily availed cow bones, turned them into ash, and mixed them with his new-found material. And in this way, the most expensive material for dinnerware and potteries began gaining popularity.

What Are They Made Of?

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Today, there is still a massive confusion between bone china and fine china; some even consider these two the same. However, the truth is that the fine bone china material does not contain cow bone ash; its specialty lies in its firing process and delicate texture.

Because they do not contain bone ash, fine bone china dinner sets are cheaper and more lightweight than bone china sets. If you want to explore the finest collections, you can consider buying fine bone china from Pito.

Some Solid Reasons To Buy A Fine Bone China Dinner Set

There cannot be a single reason to convince you to buy some eye-catching fine bone dinner sets for your fancy dining table. Here are some solid reasons to consider:

They Are The Strongest And Most Durable

Undoubtedly, fine bone china crockeries are made with the most modern techniques. Such techniques make them less fragile and more durable. A striking feature of fine bone china is its smooth texture, making them even shinier and helping it remain stainless and scratch-free.

Aesthetic Value

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No wonder fine bone china sets add an aesthetic value wherever you place them. Fine bone china sets are unbeatable whether you wish to display them on a kitchen or dining cabinets with transparent doors or want your fancy dinner table to look more sophisticated for guests.


As discussed earlier, fine bone china dinner sets are less expensive than you think. They are available in all ranges and can fit even the tightest budgets. Undoubtedly, they are cheaper than bone china sets; however, no one can tell the difference between them. Bone china and fine bone china look almost the same.


Because they have a smooth texture, fine-bone china crockeries are very easy to clean. Their oily surface makes the cleaning and wiping process a lot easier. If you are hesitant to use dishwashing liquids on your expensive plates, you can also try some super-useful home remedies to keep your fine bone china sets stain-free.

Final Thoughts

When your old dinner sets appear yellowish or have lots of scratches on them, it is time to replace them with dinnerware that looks artistic and enhances the mood. The vibrant floral pattern and the gold and silver designs are enough to make your mealtime with your family even more luxurious and memorable. Fine bone china sets are ideal one-time investments that can last a lifetime if handled with care.