How to choose flowers depending on someone’s personality

When it comes to choosing flowers for someone, it can often be a time-consuming and even stressful thing to do. Hence, you might feel overwhelmed when you enter a florist shop and find yourself in front of a wide range of flowers to choose from. However, the most incredible thing about flowers is that you can choose them by the person’s personality and the flowers will help improve their mood and, of course, make them feel happy. If you are looking for flowers that will reflect on someone’s personality, here is a list of various personality types and the flowers that will fit them well.

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The Dramatic personality

People who are a little bit dramatic are often impulsive, people who want to stand out, and who might crave more attention than other people. People who have a dramatic personality are often people who are trendsetters and who enjoy influencing other people. If you are planning to give flowers to someone who is a little bit over the top, you should choose colors that are bold. Flowers like Cymbidium Orchids and Gardenias would be best.

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The Romantic personality

If someone is a romantic, they tend to be dreamy and generous of heart, and you might even find them to be quite spontaneous and extravagant at times. If you are choosing flowers for a romantic person, you should order arrangements that have soft colored flowers that are decorated with ribbon or lace. For that special romantic person in your life, roses are the obvious chose, but you could combine them with lilies, orchids, or tulips. If you want to get some inspiration, you can check out

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The Traditional personality

People who like to follow tradition are quite conservative in nature. They are people who are family-oriented, who tend to be quite homey, and, of course, respectful to traditional values. It is recommended that you buy them flowers that are neutral and off-white, such as the Calla Lily, Hibiscus, and Hydrangeas.

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The Creative Personality

Individuals that are creative are artsy, unconventional, enjoy adapting to new things, and people who enjoy traveling. They tend to shift between reality, fantasy, and imagination, hence, the best flowers for them would be exotic and tropical ones combined with unusual colors, shapes, and textures. You could opt for Osiris Roses, Oleander, Beehive Ginger, the previously mentioned Calla Lilies, and gardenias.

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The Down-to-Earth Personality

People who are down-to-earth are often laid-back and casual. They enjoy spending their time outdoors, especially the places that have a lot of greenery. You could choose Sunflowers, Daisies, and Snapdragons with decoration made from wood or moss.

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Keep in mind that you do not need a specific reason to buy flowers for that special someone, you can do it at any time. Also, you can never go wrong with purchasing flowers, they are perfect gifts on their own and they go well with all the other gifts that you might choose. However, if you put a little bit more thought into the flowers that you will buy, you can make a great gift an extraordinary one.