Are Flushable Wipes Desirable?

Flushable wipes have been a debatable topic of conversation for quite some time now. Those who use them will argue they are safe just as the labels indicate. Those who are opposed to them will argue they are NOT as safe as they are deemed to be. In this article, we will discuss how flushable wipes are in fact terrible for your plumbing.

Many people do not know that these products are considered “flammable” and should not be used on their sinks or other areas that may come in contact with the bathroom or kitchen sink.

Some people do not even use the flushable wipes for what they are intended for. People use them to wipe down counters and sinks. They use it as wet paper towels to wipe off messy accidents from food spills and such. If they are flammable they could possibly be dangerous. If they are using these for the above reasons then disposing of them in the trash cans or waste cans then it is similar to a wet paper towel. Because of the nature of the wipes, they are thicker and have a lot more weight to them to discard as trash in the landfills as well.


In a plumber’s professional opinion, the only thing that should be flushed down a toilet is liquid and solid waste from your body and toilet paper. Remember, even flushing a ton of toilet paper at one time down your toilet can pose a danger to your plumbing system. So if this is the case, flushable wipes are terrible for your plumbing because it can lead to very unhealthy water quality issues. The problem is people aren’t using wipes to clean counters and sinks, they are using them for what is intended for, wiping and then flushing down toilets.

Flushing the toilet every few days is a great habit to get into because it will help to reduce the amount of water that goes into your bathrooms. Every time you flush the toilet, more water is released from your pipes because of the flow of the water. The less water that gets into your pipes, the less chance there is of leaking and damage occurring. With flushing wipes, it is not dissolving correctly and will cause problems in your septic tank.

Over time, your pipes are getting hammered by thick wet wipes and eventually will lead to plumbing issues. If you have been using flushable wipes and noticed you are getting clogs more often than not, it may be time to seek a professional plumber, as advised by

Professional plumbers will know what to do in order to deal with chemicals and toxins that are found in the water and they go way down your pipes. It is important to clear these pipes regularly and in a proper manner. Otherwise, they will need to be disposed of sooner than you might expect them. In case the pipes get clogged, it is your safest bet to call professionals and let them identify and solve the problem.


It is advised to only use toilet paper as the source of cleaning and only thing acceptable to flush down a toilet. Many plumbing systems or tanks are getting worn out, clogged, or run down because of things like flushable wipes. The manufacturers have argued that they are safe but they are not in the field of plumbing to prove that to be true. Especially in older houses, plumbers are often called out to fix systems that have dealt with the stress of flushable wipes.

Toilet paper holders can be a great way to keep your bathroom free of clogs. They are also a great way to get rid of any bodily wastes that might be sitting around in your pipes. You will need to make sure that you do a good job keeping these clear so that they will work as they are supposed to. If you take a chance and use an inadequate sized wipe, you might just end up ruining the entire plumbing system in your bathroom. You may not even know it is clogging until the pipes drain themselves and then they look like a mess.

People use the common sense test to explain their rationale over flushing wipes. The best things to flush are things that are thin and can disintegrate easily. For example, even the toughest brands of toilet paper are still sitting on store shelves because consumers believe they are too thick to flush. Next, imagine flushing a paper towel down the toilet, it would have a hard time flushing.


Toilets are made as a bowl designed to flush items down. Sure, you can probably even try flushing something that isn’t disposable. It will flush down the drain but doesn’t necessarily mean it is swept away and dissolved in the septic tank and then disintegrated. At some point it will get clogged or become a roadblock for clear future flushing.  Next, if you wouldn’t flush paper towels, then let’s look next at moisture wipes or baby wipes. The same goes for the material. You cannot flush this type of product down a toilet because it is not made to get flushed down a toilet. Therefore, when people argue against using flushable wipes, the same conclusion makes sense, thick wet paper cannot be flushed adequately down a toilet.

Flushable wipes are terrible for your plumbing, but many households still buy them frequently, putting strains on our waste systems. Many people don’t realize it clogs septic systems or clogs even their neighbors plumbing system. If the people who are using wipes do not notice a difference in their systems, it’s only a matter of time that will cause problems for them.