Free PayPal Money Instantly Without Human Verification

Nowadays, if a person wants to survive, they have to work hard. That’s why many people have to work freelance alongside their regular full-time jobs. So, it is no harm to earn some extra money by registering to websites that give free PayPal money instantly.

PayPal is a service which offers online payment and allows companies and people to do transactions. Hence, you can use PayPal for almost everything, from transferring an amount of money electronically to donating and paying the bills. This service was established at the end of 1998 by Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Elon Musk. It is currently used in over 190 marketplaces around the globe and there are over 10 million accounts.

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Websites Which Give Free PayPal Money Instantly Without Human Verification

There are a number of websites which can give you free PayPal money instantly. Using these websites which allow you to perform some simple things in order to earn money, such as watching videos, purchasing goods, or being part of game shows. Here are a couple of websites which will actually pay you for doing things like that.

My Surveys on the Go

This is a mobile app which allows you to complete surveys for a range of price rate. By doing so, you can get money in a very short time period. Then, as soon as you earn $10, you can transfer the money on your PayPal account.


This is another mobile app that works both on Android and iOS. It gives you money for purchasing grocery goods. Moreover, you will also get cash back from the stores associated with Ibotta. You should simply select the items you want to buy, pay for it, and then send the receipt through your mobile app.


1Q is another app which pays you for letting it send ads in the form of text message to your mobile phone. The texts won’t be sent to you often and you will yet get free money quickly.


This is a website which focuses on rewarding users. It features a mobile app which allows you to get some money by doing things, including filling a survey form, registering to websites, and watching videos. You will earn $.01 with each activity.


This mobile app features two websites and plenty of applications which pay you for playing games and watching videos. You can earn PayPal cash after collecting $0.25 points in total. This is one of the most effortless ways to earn extra money.


This is a browser extension which pays you for searching a particular term on the web. Moreover, you can also earn extra money on your Qmee account by clicking an advertisement.


This is a mobile app which allows you to join game shows and earn money from them. There is a colored wheel which you will have to guess where the wheel will stop. So, if you guess correctly, you can earn money and move to the next round.

Slice the Pie

If you are a music aficionado, you will love this app. You will listen to a song then just rate or write a review of this particular song and get paid for it. You can transfer the money you earn of your PayPal account as soon as you earn $10.

Pinecone Research

This website pays you for completing surveys and channeling your inner critical side. You will earn money even if the survey doesn’t appear on a regular basis.

Things to Do to Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly

In order to start earning free PayPal money instantly, you should first have or create a PayPal account. You will use this account for a number of things and jobs, besides earning extra money from websites. Then, you should decide which website or application are you going to use for earning extra money. Make sure you choose and app or website which meets your interests so you can do the job happily and easily.

You should be patient for this endeavor in order to earn some extra money. Then, as soon as you earn money, you can transfer them to your account. Make sure you stick to your regular job and use this source of income as an additional way to earn money. Always choose an app or website which you like and which is suitable and make sure you perform the tasks precisely. You might find this process challenging and bothersome, but it will be worth it.