9 Simple Products To Make Money With Your Laser Engraver in 2024

Laser techniques are widespread in many areas of life and have usages that we might not even be able to imagine. Sophistication has become that much of a mainstream that almost every method of producing something is leaning toward a unique handicraft aim. And, well, admit that at times you did wonder how to use some of the tools of modern production and start gaining profits on your own.

Laser engraving works by removing the base material at higher temperatures. A high-powered laser beam is usually used to vaporize the base of the surface, quickly creating indentations needed for the result. This technique is best when working with materials such as wood, plastic, leather or glass.

It’s less usual to think of this method off the top of your head when you hear the word ‘design’. Yet, it’s surprising how those items are gaining more and more popularity in the production of small jewelry pieces or household products. Customization has won all areas of production while uniqueness is being sold at the highest price. Therefore, making something unique by using creative ideas is a fantastic direction to think of in terms of business orientation.

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Top products to create with a laser engraver

Why not start with something you might like as well? Inspired people design mostly for themselves, to please their taste first. Those who once were passionate about translating their first book or making their first piece of clothing probably did it for their personal and deeply intimate reasons. What if you like some cool accessories that can serve as a commercial for what you’re about to boost your business with? Chances are almost countless.

1. Keychain holder

Source: amazon.com

Imagine a small cute holder that has a sign that shouts the message you want to speak out. For car lovers – you can make a holder that will look like your four-wheeled friend, where each of the wheels comes in the shape of a key ring making the place for the whole four-member family. What do you say?

Does your best friend simply adore cats? Something like this can be a perfect gift for them then – a small cat-shaped key holder where the cat puts the paw over the keyring imitating the hank.

2. Glasses (or other items made of glass)

The curvature of the lines around the glass where you can tell a different story with each one from the set might be a great way to honor your family members. Your mother might be into sewing, so the pattern that shows the loom or some particular fabric like tweed is a unique gift for her. Your brother as a huge fan of nordic mythology can receive customized glass with some Viking symbols. This way of adjusting your creativity to astonish your loved ones and of course, your clients’ loved ones is a mission complete for your business.

3. Wooden puzzles

Source: ravensburger.org

Remember tangram puzzles? This Chinese ancient game can keep occupied and concentrated both your kids and adults during lazy afternoons and cold winter evenings. The pieces are easily cut to form one whole pack out of seven geometric shapes made up of five different-sized triangles, one square, and a parallelogram. With the laser machine you can make it with ease and it may also be fantastic as a gift.

4. Jewelry

The beauty of jewelry comes from the variety of pieces that can be turned into it and matched with the rest of your outfit to make you unique and chic. A fiber laser marking machine is what makes this mission complete. The bracelet with the message from your beloved ones or the wooden earrings in the shape of your favorite food, makeup item, or animal – there are practically no boundaries and you can read more here to get the idea about making your dream come true.

5. Business cards

Source: lasercutworks.com

Whichever industry, professional area, or interest your customer might have, every business person that wants to leave an impression will obtain as creative business cards as possible. In some cultures, business card giving is considered a highly appreciated ritual that includes a full process followed without missing a single detail. While some might be astonished by the card representing uniquely engraved shapes, others will admire it later if they put it leisurely in the pocket at first. The important thing is – nobody will remain indifferent.

6. Wedding invitations

Have you ever received a luxurious and elegant wedding invitation that at the sole reception makes you excited about the upcoming wedding? Wooden heart-shaped or flower-shaped invitations bring a romantic touch and the carved out words that’ll last forever. This isn’t a regular piece you will just fold or leave it in a garage box – and that’s probably why it sounds so tempting.

7. Wooden cutlery

Source: graceandfavourhome.com

We all know how mothers use spoons that stand for many different objects. Mostly airplanes that land directly in the baby’s mouth, along with the sound moms make to grab the baby’s attention and have them fed when they wiggle on the chair. A beautifully carved spoon in the shape of an airplane perhaps can make a difference. So, the next time you try to feed your toddler and make a sound of a landing plane – it may really look like the one they saw in their favorite cartoon.

8. Coasters

This is one of the most popular souvenirs people take with them from enchanting summer vacation. They put their glasses on them and nostalgically remember the exotic trip. You can now carve some of your favorite photographs from the romantic sunset near the sea and turn every coaster into a piece of art. A laser engraver does it for you, actually – you don’t need anything else except your imagination.

9. Wooden signs

Source: makemesomethingspecial.com

Cafes, restaurants, and other similar objects can create their ambiental touch with the signage that represents their values and spirit. Rock cafes can have the symbols of guitars and beer carved on the hanging objects on the walls. Even tables can have absorbing quotes or lyrics of famous songs carved onto the surfaces. Restaurants can use this magic tool to have their menus or table menus carved with what they offer. Oh, and what about cutting boards? They make great ornaments too, not only for chefs but also for guests who like to eat ham from a round wooden plate and drink wine in the evening.