Why Should You Get a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a 1 year agreement that covers the expenses for fixing or replacing house systems that occur because of wear or breakdown. The main reason to shop for a home warranty is protection from unexpected repair expenses. In other words, if a refrigerator, AC system, or washer dies after a certain period, its cost will be covered.

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Should you buy a home warranty when buying a house

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When buying even a fresh new house, there is always a risk that various appliances will require replacement, like:

  • plumbing systems,
  • cooktop,
  • ductwork,
  • oven,
  • HVAC,
  • ceiling fans.

These repairs can be costly, but having a coverage plan will give you relief and reduce such expenses.

“Should I shop for a home warranty?” It is a common question when you consider moving into a new house. Note that by default a warranty doesn’t cover every system in the house. It has only those devices that are mentioned in the contract. There is also an option to get a home warranty online. You must carefully weigh up the specific protection and pick out the proper plan.

What does a yearly warranty cover

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Home warranty provides fixing up and replacing for the house systems. It typically covers:

  • stove,
  • clothes washer,
  • dishwasher,
  • AC,,
  • sprinkler system,
  • plumbing, heating or cooling system, or garbage disposal systems.

As you can see, there are many different areas covered which makes the homeowners consider having a new home warranty coverage.

How much does it cost

Needless to say that getting a warranty for your house is non-compulsory, so you are free to pass on it. But it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked until it’s too late. The price ranges from hundreds to up to six hundred dollars annually. Other items such as roof leaks or gym equipment or well may be added to the house owner’s warranty. While shopping for a house warranty, planning budgets are essential. You should know which items should be covered in the specific warranty. This will make your warranty even more beneficial and affordable.

How does a warranty works

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A house inspection is necessary before getting a warranty to make sure that the house’s systems are maintained in a proper way. It might also give information about the end lives of previously installed systems.

Thirty days after the warranty is bought, if the item listed in the warranty plan needs to be replaced or fixed, the qualified representative will contact you to help to submit or file the claim. After this is approved, the company will ensure that a service provider will check the problem within forty-eight hours of filing a claim.

Why should I shop for a warranty for my house?


Shopping for a house warranty is an easy way to protect yourself from the unavoidable costly repair bills. For homeowners with no emergency payments, a home warranty is of great help. Home warranties are crucial for people who mostly buy expensive appliances. Home warranties are typically discussed during the sale and purchase of a house. It supports the people financially who had spent all their savings on buying a house by protecting them from additional repair expenses.

Time management

Buying a home warranty will save your precious time. Usually, system breakdown or appliance shutdown occurs at most unexpected times, and you cannot immediately find help from a reliable service. If the device is listed in your home warranty agreement, you do not have to worry about its repair; you already have reliable assistance. Home warranty accepts requests online and by phone. They will connect you with experienced and reliable service.

Anticipate expenses

Home warranty comes in handy to find out where repairments are needed to estimate your future costs. Then you will not have to guess the repair cost, and you will have a more accurate idea of expenses. So, a home warranty helps you to plan your budget accordingly.

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Budget protection

A warranty primarily covers the house’s major devices that are high-costly to repair or replace. It’s a yearly contract that includes the replacement costs of your home. This allows you to plan for unexpected expenses.

More protection

House warranty adds to the insurance. It is an agreement that includes significant appliances expenses when they break down. These are the branded devices that most policies do not cover. It can complement insurance but cannot substitute it.

Value-added savings

A home warranty is an awesome option for the person who is confused about whether I should shop for a warranty when all my savings are used up while buying a house.

Solution for all issues

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Without a warranty for the house devices, you will face problems fixing things. In other words, in case of a leak in the bathroom, you have to find an experienced plumber. Therefore, you search directories to look for a professional plumber. Overall, it takes a lot of time to find a good person and solve your problems properly. If you have an active warranty, you will not have to waste time by trying to fix the problem yourself. All you need is to contact the service provider, and they will get your problem solved.

A reliable and money-saving way to protect your home devices is by buying a warranty. It makes the overall process of maintaining a home stressless and easy. Also it helps the homeowners move into their new home without any worries about the repair expenses. It covers almost everything that can be damaged, so homeowners can have some confidence. Whether you are willing to buy a new house or have put a place on the market, a warranty proves to be extremely useful. Having an active home warranty is like having a plan that has your back when something goes wrong.

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