Get Online Business Ideas That Make Earn Successfully in 2024

As in any other niche in e-commerce, there are variants of both costly and budgetary startup. We have selected for your ideas for business on the Internet, which you can start with a minimum investment of money and time. And it is real to start right at home without renting an office, using at least your own balcony instead of a warehouse.

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Online flower delivery shop

Online symbiosis with offline symbiosis is, in many cases, a win-win situation for new business development. It is worth noting. However, those finding ideas to work in this area is much more difficult than in other situations. But there are also proven concepts with a quick start and practically guaranteed customer demand. For example, an online flower delivery shop.

The potential income here depends largely on the city you are targeting – the larger it is, the more people will turn to you. Peak earnings, of course, fall on various holidays, but as the audience grows, you will have enough orders at any other time. Flowers are ordered by both lovers and for different celebrations, and on many other occasions.

However, in order to achieve sufficient audience growth and successful conversion of one-time customers into regular customers, it is necessary to take care of appropriate work on Internet marketing. Given the current requirements for professional knowledge and experience in this niche, it is best to delegate this task to a company that specializes in this and will be able to provide you with sufficient quality of the completed task.

Smartphone Accessories

One of the disadvantages of such a niche as the sale of digital and household appliances is quite a low marginality, usually at the level of only 5-10%. However, this does not apply to various accessories – the same covers for the iPhone can be sold with markup and 200%, which some quite successfully and do. This also includes various adapters, headsets, and other devices that increase the usability of the device for the user and expand its functional range. If the business goes – you can also increase the offer by adding a section of accessories for tablets.

Orientate to the top models of famous manufacturers, which are usually very popular, such as smartphones from Samsung, Sony and, of course, Apple iPhone. Owners of such devices usually spend a lot of money to buy various accessories, gadgets themselves are sold in large quantities, making your potential audience much more than in the case if less well-known models.

Home Textiles

It is a product that is in steady demand, mainly from female audiences. The success of the online store in this niche depends largely on the successful selection of assortment, as this product is difficult to compare, and potential buyers pay much less attention to the price. Textile products are quite diverse, as they are bought for everyday use (for the kitchen and bathroom), and for decorative elements of design, such as pillows. Accordingly, for a quality assortment in a catalog, it is necessary to have some knowledge and understanding of this niche. Or hire a qualified sales consultant.

The advantage of a niche such as the sale of textiles is that they can be expanded to include additional categories of goods in the catalog in the course of development. These may include bed linen, curtains, premium products, etc. Specifics of the audience of buyers in such an online store is that their interests are wide enough, and this is a good potential to increase the average check by expanding the range of offers.

Goods for Handmade

You don’t have to create different things yourself because instead of the products themselves, you can sell different things that are used in their manufacture. There are a lot of directions here, and thousands of people are engaged in it not only as a hobby, but also would not mind to earn on it, or already earn. Accordingly, almost every such person is also your potential client.

You can sell a lot of things in such an online store – tools for processing, both mechanical and electrical, sewing kits, various consumables: fabrics, beads, leather, etc. These products are available to end-users, are low priced, and have good margins. Good suppliers in this field can be found in EU countries, not to mention China or Turkey.


It’s probably the best business idea to start with little or no investment. You will have to spend only on the creation of an online store(at Magento platform with the help of Mageworx, for example) and work on its promotion, while the issue of buying goods and its delivery disappears. And such organizational moments for novice entrepreneurs are just the most difficult.

The essence of the work on the scheme of dropshipping – the sale of intermediary goods on the condition that he works only to attract buyers, and the delivery of the order is the concern of the supplier. Thus, you do not need to think about logistics and solve the problem of storage, and the profit is formed by the difference between the price you pay the manufacturer and the retail price at which you sell products to the client.

The advantages of dropshipping are in the minimum entrance threshold because you do not need to spend money on the purchase of consignments of goods, its storage, delivery, and other similar issues, which are solved on the seller’s side. But there are also disadvantages to such a system:

  • There is no control over the completion of the transaction, the quality of which you can not check, which carries certain reputational risks;
  • The complexity of branding, for example, if you want to ship products in your original packaging;
  • If you trade with different suppliers and the customer has ordered several of them, there may be a problem of consolidation of delivery, because it is not realistic to send them in one parcel;
  • Returns handling problem, and they will be in any case (size is not right, color/model is mixed up, etc.).

One of the best business ideas for 2024-2024 is to start a dropshipping business. The benefit of this business model is that you don’t have to store any products, instead products are shipped directly from the supplier to the consumer, for more info visit

Coffee and Tea

Perhaps, the business of tea and coffee trade will always be relevant simply because these drinks are popular among the majority of the world’s population, and in any country, there will always be buyers in such a niche for the trader. But to consider this direction is only if you are planning to sell goods throughout the country. Only then can you reach a sufficient turnover and move from the stage of investment to net profit and further business development.

Price policy, in this case, depends largely on the proposed range because the most popular varieties of tea and coffee at the same time will be the lowest markup because the number of proposals from various sellers will be greater. Therefore, it is necessary to experiment with the offer, offering new types and various combinations, the profit from the sale of which will be the highest for you. Well, with the development of the site to a sufficient level of attendance can open an additional section with different techniques for the preparation of these drinks, original dishes, and other similar products.

Plus, this niche in a good potential for repeat sales, the entire range of quality of various sellers is quite significant. Therefore, if you can offer your customers a high-quality product at a reasonable price, most likely the next time they buy, they will return to you again.