5 Hair Style Trends to Follow in 2024

Beauty and style are not about just being born with a great skin and face, but it also relates to how you keep yourselves and present yourselves to the rest of the world. Clothing plays an important role in building your visual persona but one important you shall not forget when you want to look as confident as you are, is your hairstyle.

First thing that other people will notice after seeing you anywhere is your face and the hairstyle plays a major role in how you look. With a lot of hairstyles to choose from with each one suiting a specific face shape, or complexion, or age and most importantly gender, choosing the best one for you can be a bit trickier than you think.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 5 of the hair style trends of the year 2024 so far.

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Beachy Waves


Although very subtle and natural looking, beach weaves are the perfect hairstyle theme for women to look polished but not look like you are trying too hard. These styles suit the most fashion themes and cannot just go out of trend any time soon. If you are looking for something simple yet beautiful and want to attract some eyes while being at it, the beachy waves are perfect for you.

Short cuts with layers


This kind of hairstyle suits those women who don’t want to mess their hair up too much, and don’t want to hustle too much to get their hair worked out daily. The short cuts with layers have many types for all different needs, and works best especially for women over the age of 60. If you want to see more hairstyles for the women over the age of 50, visit here.

This does not necessarily mean that the short cuts with layers hairstyle suits only women with certain age. Due to very less need to care about the length and health of hair, these hairstyles have become a lot popular and certainly make our top 5 in trend hairstyles.

Curtain bangs


Oh! The bangs! Yes, they are back again. In form of the curtain bangs, today’s generation has found the perfect mix of the bangs and the modern world fashion. With many celebrities beautifully wearing these bangs, why not you try them out as well?

Curtain bangs suit most of the outfit styles, and hence are not occasion specific at all. The curtain bangs look great on the hair of any length or color, and although they can be a big commitment, they are very unlikely to be out of the fashion trends any time soon. Nothing to lose, right?

Accessorized hair


You can include many accessories to your hair like clips, clamps, bobby pins, or even colorful flowers to make your hair stand out and get easily noticed. When it comes to hair accessories this year, more literally means more and if you are considering wearing any kind of accessories this weekend, well you are definitely not alone.

You can choose accessories according to your outfit or the theme of the day. This gives you a lot of flexibility and hence more and more choices to choose from. So, you can complete any look with accessorized hair and add a few stars to your beautiful look.

High ponytail


High pony tails elongate your facial features, and suits all of the outfits and themes. You can wear high pony tail any day of the week and hence if you can’t think of any other hairstyle, this can be a very good choice.

The high pony tail looks good on any hair color and texture, but works best with shiny hair. You can customize the pony tail all you like to get the best hairstyle you want!

In summary, there are many hairstyle trends out there but most of them are like a gust of wind, can pass very quickly. But some of them are here to stay for this year and we have taken a look at 5 of the most trending hairstyles of the year 2024. Hope you have found what you were looking for!