5 Lovely Layered Bob Haircuts For a Sassy New Style

Are you thinking of chopping off your long tresses and going for a sexy short style? How about a layered bob? Bob haircuts have been around for ages and are not going away any time soon. In fact, they are growing in popularity as more and more women of all ages are embracing this timeless hairstyle.

Layers are the best way to add new life to your hair. Long hair can add so much weight to your hair that it becomes dull and lifeless. You can learn more about short layered bob and how add a ton of volume to any hair type. Also layered bobs are one of the best ways to show off trendy hair color techniques from balayage to ombre to soft highlights and bold colors!

Check out some of our favorite looks of layered bobs below and maybe you’ll change your mind!

5 Stylish Short Layered Bobs

1. Brunette Balayage Layered Bob

This layered bob is very pretty with its multidimensional shades of brown. From a deep chocolate brown to chestnut brown to caramel and honey brown hues, there is no end to the amount of depth and dimension in this stylish bob.

Ask for random layers throughout to add more volume and movement. Varying layers will only enhance the mutational effect. This look is tailor made for those with really thick hair as it helps remove some of the weight without taking away volume.

To style, blow dry with a round brush, lifting up different sections to style them in varying directions to add even more texture. Flip the ends under and out to add more fullness. Finish it off with a medium hold hair spray. The random subtle messy pieces give it a playful vibe that shows you are ready for whatever life throws your way.

2. Shaggy Light Auburn Layered Bob with Choppy Layers

This shaggy layered bob is so much fun with its multi-tonal blend of chestnut brown and light auburn tones. The combined effect is a soft amber shade that is perfect for Fall. The light auburn shades will look stunning under the sunlight.

Shaggy layers are great for those with wavy or curly tresses as they add more texture to your wavy hair. This style is very playful with the messy choppy layers that add a ton of volume.

To style, spritz your hair with some sea salt spray and blow dry, using your fingers to tousle it. Spray it with a light hold hair spray to ensure that there is plenty of movement,. This look is edgy yet chic for a tough but feminine vibe.

3. Chocolate Cherry Layered Bob with Side Swept Fringe

Red hair is always sexy. And this gorgeous blend of chocolate brown, mahogany and light auburn hues make for a stunning shade of fiery red. This color combo is reminiscent of a summer sunset on the beach or a bonfire on a cool autumn night.

Ask for shorter layers throughout your layered bob and long side bangs. Side fringe is so soft and girly when it playfully falls over one eye. The effect is flirty and mysterious and will drive men crazy. The layers will add a ton of volume to this sassy short bob.

To style, apply a texturizing product to your damp hair and blow dry, using a round brush to lift and flip out different sections. Run your fingers through your dry hair to give it a slightly tousled look. Spritz it with a medium hold finishing spray and then show the world your bold new style and rock your sexy new look with attitude and class!

4. Blonde Wavy Choppy Bob with Long Layers

If you want to go blonde but don’t want to go platinum, there are plenty of other ways to rock blonde hair! This pretty balayage blend of blondes is out of this world and will add so much depth and texture to your hair that you will wonder why you didn’t embrace this style sooner. Start off with a dark ash blonde for the base and then ask your stylist to give you random highlights of honey blonde and pale ash blonde throughout. The final look will be a multi-tonal blend of blondes that is classy yet sassy!

Ask for a short layered bob with choppy layers to add fullness to your hair. This bob is the perfect solution for those with thick, wavy hair who want to add some life back to their waves.

Leave your hair slightly longer in the front to frame your face and give it a soft look.

To style, apply volumizing mousse to your wet hair and blow dry small sections at a time, lifting and flipping out the ends in varying directions to add a ton of volume.

5. Chin Length Bob with Honey Highlights

Balayage hair is taking the world by storm and this short layered bob with a stunning balayage blend of honey blonde is no exception! Balayage is a great way to add depth to any hairstyle. A blend of warm and cool tones can add texture to any length or type of hair.

This look is a perfect blend of buttery blondes from a dark cool champagne blonde to warm honey blonde and some silvery platinum highlights. The final effect is a breathtaking blonde that will stop men dead in their tracks.

Ask for short bob that stops a few inches below your chin and above your shoulders. Get long layers throughout and ask for long side bangs. This style is feminine and so pretty as it shows off your facial features very nicely.

To style, make a deep part and blow dry your bangs to one side, lifting a bit at the roots to give it more volume. Then blow dry the rest of your hair, lifting it at the bottom to give it more fullness and movement. Spray lightly with a medium hold finishing spray and you’re ready to face the day with a sexy new short layered bob that is chic and sophisticated!