How to Choose a Hamptons Bedside Table

The decor of the house is something that everyone chooses according to their personal taste, and it is this unique feature that makes a house feel like a home. However, while creating the perfect aura for the home, Hamptons style remains a local favorite for all. Hamptons style can be best described as the sophisticated summer breeze that gives the home a calming look. This style is a perfect blend of vintage class and beach vibes, with a hint of rustic and modern ambiance to it.

While searching and shopping for the decor and interiors that would turn the house into a luxurious space, people tend to overlook an important piece of furniture, a bedside table. A bedside table in the bedroom can turn out to be one of the most useful pieces of furniture in the same.

It not only acts as additional space at arm’s length from your bed to reach for things but also adds to the aesthetics and aura of the bedroom. Therefore, it becomes very important for shoppers to carefully select a bedside table for their bedroom.  Hamptons bedside tables are one of the most preferred tables all around the globe.

They provide the room with a holiday resort vibe if chosen and placed correctly. These days, many sellers are selling Hamptons style furniture online, like the MAISON. They provide delivery and installations, if any, as well. However, the buyers need to be mindful of a few things before buying any furniture. So, for the ease of buyers, given below is a list of how to choose a bedside table. One can go through this before investing in any furniture.

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1. Match the aesthetics


Matching the table with the aesthetic ambiance of the room is a prerequisite and must be done cautiously. Buyers need to be particular about the aesthetics of the room and overall the house as well while picking a bedside table. Hamptons tables come in a variety of ranges and shapes.

So, buyers should pick the one, or two, which completely fits in. This could be a simple dark wood table if you want to have a rustic look, or a simple light tone would work wonders if shopping for a much calmer look.

2. Choose the correct height

While this is always chosen with a personal preference, it is advised to buy a table that is neither too low nor too high from your bed level. You want a bedside table to add to your comfort whilst you are still in your bed. If it is too high, you will have to struggle to reach for things in the middle of the night, thus disrupting your sleep.

And if the table is very lowly placed, there is always a chance that you might fall off of your bed. None of these situations are ideal for a good night’s sleep. Sound night’s sleep is essential for everyone to work efficiently. Therefore, buyers need to be careful about the height of their new furniture and choose accordingly.

3. Choose the right material


Now that you have made up your mind about choosing Hamptons style for your house, you must be aware of the quality of the material of your furniture. Even though the style can be incorporated with any type of material, you must consider choosing the best, be it timber or other stuff. This way, you would ensure that your table would last long and you would not have to change it frequently, thus saving your money.

4. Choose a multi-purpose table

With the ever-changing lifestyles, everything adapts to the change. The same is true for furniture as well. Now, no piece of furniture has just one utility. So while choosing a bedside table, why not improvise a little and choose a chest of drawers instead.

This way, along with the top surface acting as a table, the drawers can be used to store stuff, thereby decluttering your room. Hamptons tables are available with a lot of improvisations already to meet the needs and demands of the customers. Additionally, they do not interfere with the aura of the room, thus making it a twin benefit deal.

5. Accessorise


While the table itself would be enough to add character to your bedroom, accessorizing it is always an option. You can add a matching lamp or a few other accessories to enhance the look. If deciding to go for a lamp, be sure that the color of light is appropriate for you and matches your room. Even Hamptons lamps are available in the market these days that would perfectly blend in with your set in.

You can choose to add a table cloth or tapestry on and around the table, which would add to its beauty. You can also add faux-colored cushions on the bed along with the table. This color palette would surely give your bedroom a much cozier look.

6. Have a budget

A bedside table is an important part of the bedroom, but you surely do not want to spend a hefty amount of your money on it alone. Hamptons style is quite expensive, and the rest of the furniture, along with other expenses, would cost you quite a fortune. Thus by making and following a budget, you would ensure that you have ample money left for other essential commodities.


The bedside table is surely an important accessory in your bedroom. It serves many purposes, rather than just being an additional surface to keep things on. You can easily grab a book from it for your bedtime reading and simply place it back on it from the comfort of your bed. It also serves as the common ground for other important accessories, like mobile phones, eye wear, glasses, wallets and purses, and so on.

However, it should, in no way, be thought that bedside tables and nightstands are absolutely necessary. If you are living in a small space or you do not have the requirement of a bedside table, do not invest in it. There are a lot of other things that could be used to replace a nightstand, like an extra chair in your room.