Children’s Furniture Made of Wood: Which Furniture Should You Choose for Your Kids

When decorating children’s rooms, parents usually face the problem of choosing the right furniture. Picking baby furniture like cribs, tables, and wardrobes can seem a waste of time, especially for first-time parents. Nevertheless, parents still need to do their best to provide their children with the best possible home environment, as the environment is critical to the development of toddlers.

Children’s room is a separate world in which kids play, study and spend their free time. The main goal of parents is to create a cozy children’s space. But how can this idea be brought to reality? It is necessary to pick the right furniture made of wood — after all, wood is the guarantor of quality and durability.

Moreover, a nursery, decorated according to Montessori, is a unique world filled with comfort, light, natural materials, natural colors, contributing to the development of the creative inclinations of the baby. Therefore, using Montessori sets by Wood And Hearts, you can give your kids the best childhood.

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Equipping a room with wooden furniture


The preeminent thing to bear in mind is that the child grows every year, and his room requires changes. When designing a nursery with wood furniture, the child’s needs should be considered first.

The arrangement of a children’s room is of great importance for kids. The toddlers’ room is often a colorful miniature version of the apartment — a small kingdom full of fantasy. But it is much more essential to create a space for kids to develop and relax creatively.

In general, children’s furniture should be practical and separate the room into four main areas:

  • Zone for sleeping and rest.
  • Work or training area.
  • Storage area.
  • Game Zone.

As you know, the rest area is the most critical in the children’s bedroom, so the furniture should help kids relax. For children’s bedrooms, furniture choices range from full single beds to sofa beds and bunk beds. As a common rule, you should always make sure that the bed you choose for your child is made of quality material and has a comfortable mattress.

Quality rest is the primary basis for choosing bedroom furniture, especially for little boys and girls. The modern market offers a variety of design options at the most attractive prices.

Wood — the best material


The experts have always considered natural wood, mainly beech or oak, to be the best material for furniture for a children’s room. Of course, such children’s furniture items are much more expensive than analogs made from other materials. Nevertheless, objects made from natural wood have a considerable advantage, as they allow the child to breathe comfortably. Furthermore, furniture made from natural wood does not emit harmful vapors, unlike furniture made of low-quality materials such as cheap chipboard.

What can you purchase for your Montessori nursery?


The primary task of Montessori furniture is to create a safe space for the child. As a rule, Montessori furniture is used in a nursery, where the child is given complete freedom to master new skills, play, and learn. Whether the space is large or small, reserved for the child, the created furniture will best fit into the room and create a pleasant atmosphere for the kid.

The Montessori experts offer caring parents to purchase various pieces of furniture for the smallest toddlers and preschoolers:

  • Special Montessori kits. It is an excellent set of pieces of furniture to help children develop physically and mentally. A collection of ladders and arches helps children stay mobile and active. Working out on such a table, children build muscles and become stronger.
  • Ground-breaking Pickler triangle. It is another interesting item, created according to the idea of the famous doctor Pickler. Thanks to it, children develop motor skills, talent, and reactions.
  • One-size-fits-all chair-tower Montessori. This item combines a separate chair and a Montessori table — a one-size-fits-all thing in every home. Children can use it as an auxiliary tower, teaching or dining chair, or a toy.

When choosing Montessori furniture, pay attention to the materials. The furniture items should be made from the finest wood materials. For painting, only high-quality, environmentally friendly water-based paints and varnish must be used.

Features of wooden furniture


With the advent of a child, your rhythm of life and the whole way of life change ultimately. The children’s furniture, created for your little one, should fill his life with bright colors and a good mood. Therefore, it is essential to choose the manufacturer that makes every effort to make children’s furniture special. Moreover, the pieces of furniture should be developed according to European standards, taking into account the peculiarities of babies.

The children’s furniture should be equipped with all kinds of drawers, shelves, and cabinets, making it easy to tidy up the room, making this activity a fun process for the baby. The pieces of furniture should also be made from natural, durable wood, which is an environmentally friendly product that is safe for toddlers. Check if the company has quality certificates, which you can familiarize yourself with and ensure the safety and reliability of the furniture.

Different kids like different things. However, when something is done well and efficiently, it will suit everyone. There are some essential characteristics of good quality wooden furniture for toddlers:

  • A carefully picked color scheme with soft, calm colors will create a comfortable emotional atmosphere.
  • Geometric patterns on fabric surfaces will help kids master shapes from birth.
  • Convenient shelves that will allow the kid to sort their things on their own, and this is one of the primary life skills — the ability to organize his space will teach them how to manage their time, tasks correctly.
  • Rounded corners on all protruding surfaces will provide reliable protection against injury.

Benefits of quality wooden products


The top-quality wooden products for nurseries are made of natural, ecological, and safe materials, thanks to which the furniture:

  • Has no unpleasant odors.
  • Do not cause allergic reactions in children.
  • Serve for numerous years.
  • It is equipped with quality fittings.
  • Compact, functional, can be placed even in small areas.
  • Promotes the development of the child.
  • Improves fine motor skills and allows the physical development of a toddler.
  • Allows babies to train coordination.

If parents choose unique wooden furniture, every little one will become the happiest child in the world because he will have the space to grow up safely. Moreover, his health will be strengthened, and his state of health will improve.