Health Motivated Reasons to Consider a Nose Job

Not all plastic surgeries are done for vanity or cosmetic purposes. In fact, some have strong medical reasons behind them. Rhinoplasty, or popularly called a nose job, is one of those surgeries. It will improve your look, but for many of those who undergo rhinoplasty, that is a side effect, regardless of how desirable it is.

There are many health motivated reasons for a nose job, but we will focus on the main ones. According to one of the world’s leading experts on rhinoplasty, Dr. Michael Zacharia, rhinoplasty is a very safe procedure, with hardly any risks involved. His patients come to him for a variety of reasons, but he summed up the most common ones.

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Breathing Difficulties

A deviated septum or a nostril collapse are the most common reasons for breathing difficulties. Both problems are easily corrected with rhinoplasty and in no time,  you will be able to breathe properly, not to mention you can use the chance to have a perfectly shaped nose.

Sinus Problems

Another common issue, sinus problems can be tiresome and irritating. They are mostly a consequence of a deviated septum and can manifest as regular inflammations, infections and finally chronic sinusitis. All this can be resolved with a simple rhinoplasty or a nose job.

Sinus Problems

Nasal Fractures or Broken Facial Bones

Nasal fractures can come from many reasons, most commonly from a traumatic injury, whether it is a fall or a car or bike accident. The patients suffering from them can experience a score of other problems as well, due to the shattered bones in their nose. A good rhinoplasty will alleviate those problems, ensuring that bones are set properly and allowed to heal. Not only that, but they also get their old (or in some cases improved) look, helping them overcome the traumatic event.

Cleft Lip or Palate

Although not usually associated with nose, patients with cleft nasal deformity can benefit greatly from rhinoplasty. It is usually done in tandem with other mouth surgeries that will remove the problem and vastly improve the look of the patient’s face. The procedure is usually done in several steps to ensure the best results. With children with cleft lip, the earlier the procedure is done, the better our chances of success.

Severe Facial Burns

With burn patients that suffered damaged nose, skin can be grafted to alleviate the problem, but only rhinoplasty will ensure that any lost functions are restored. One of the most common consequences of facial burns is blocked nasal passage, which can be repaired with rhinoplasty.