Hire a Property Management Company

Managing property is a challenging task, but real estate managers can lend a helping hand in solving property matters. The process of handling the property is not limited to sale and purchase but also includes renting the properties, leasing of commercial buildings, property maintenance activities and legal matters handling related to personal and commercial properties.

For businesses, they can crack lucrative long-term deals to bring profits for the unused space. Your property can give you extra income to support your daily expenses or to buy other assets.

Understanding What is property Management


Major services provided by a real estate company are listed, but not limited to it. You can visit here to find out more.

1. Find tenants for you: Property deals can advise you to improve areas, which can help to increase the rent for the property. It will increase the return on investment. Once the property is ready, they evaluate the rent amount based on area type and amenities provided. It is the based-on data gathered by them about your property location. They do advertising on your behalf and find suitable tenants with long stay duration. To avoid issues, they do perform a background check, financial status, and rental history. Either you can collect the rent directly or agents can do this for you.

2. Documentation Work: For renting the property, a signed agreement with details needs to be signed by both the parties, owner and tenant. In case of any issue of late payment or no payment, they can send payment reminders or exit notices to the tenants. Property managers complete all the legal documents related to property whether it is renting, purchase or sale of the property. They work as an intermediary for legal disputes related to property ownership.


3. Periodic inspections and maintenance: For keeping the property intact, they are responsible for safety checks, code violations, agreement violations and repair, and renewal needs. Preparing a report and sending it to the owners is also done by them. Coordinating with external parties such as contractors, workers, suppliers for large commercial and residential projects is accomplished by them.

4. Property Checking: If tenants are moving out from the property, the property manager analyzes the condition of the property and shares the cost of damages with the owners and tenants. The settlement of security deposit with tenants and return money to the owners is also performed by them. Getting new keys for the unit and putting them on the advertising platform for new tenants is also the task of the property manager.

5. Financial Services: Real estate managers are closely working with financial institutions to assist their clients at the time of finance shortage. Financial loans on a property or other assets on low-interest rates, insurance, mortgage, and invoice and receipts of the entire financial process are kept by them and sent to the owners also. Real estate agents also provide detailed cash flow reports including paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, or warranties related to property.


6. Tax claims: Property management firms can advise on deductions related to rental or lease property and the process of claim to save the finances. They do provide necessary government forms and documents required to claim the taxes.

7. Increase the property value: Preventive upkeep, detailed maintenance programs, and documentation and regular maintenance visits are supported by real estate managers to raise the property rates. They also advised you to upgrade the property and installation of the required gadgets to improve the property prospects.

8. Benefits to Owners: Handling day-to-day activities related to property can reduce the stress of the owners. Late-night urgencies, chasing for rent, rental issues, and paperwork will waste your time and the landlords living in other cities or countries can rely on property managers. You can live without worrying about your properties.

In addition to the above, a property manager can provide extensive support throughout the year. In case, you want to invest money on new land, property agents can search for profitable locations for your personal and professional use. They have in-depth knowledge of rules and regulations applied to the property and other steps to complete the end-to-end cycle.

Key Driving Factors to Consider If You Want to Buy Property in Dubai:


1. Finding the property as per your expectations and budget, consult the property advisors and behavior of the Dubai market is different from other countries. Choosing the right property consultant is a crucial step to invest in the real estate business. Legal rules and regulations are different for residents and foreigners, no one can skip any step for buying a property.

2. Not all the areas are available for sale, few countries restrict investors to buy property in residential areas. It is not required to secure a visa or residency status to invest in commercial properties or to buy personal apartments.

3. An entire end-to-end cycle of buying a property can take one month with all legal document completion. Both parties need to be present to sign the property papers in the presence of agents and legal representatives.

Requirements and Procedure to follow for purchasing a property:


1. An agreement with all terms and conditions of purchase-including payments will be provided by a lawyer, along with a memorandum of understanding that will be signed. A deposit of ten percent of the property value needs to be paid by the buyer.

2. At the developer’s office, both parties will meet to get the no-objection certificate to sell personal and commercial property.

3. In case, no maintenance or other charges are due to be paid for a property, then the developer will issue a NOC certificate to give clearance to the party.

4. With all documents, parties have to go to the Land Department to transfer the ownership of the property and payment can be made in the form of a check or other forms. Once all the formalities are over, a new deed will be created for the buyer.

5. To buy a property, the original passport of the buyer is required. The seller has to pay NOC fees, agent’s commission, transfer fees and mortgage fees (if it is required).

A property management firm can help you to do seamless transactions and increase the return from unusable land or flats.