6 Reasons to Hire Accident Lawyers in 2024

In this modern world, more than one billion vehicles are driving on the roads of Earth every single day. With such a high number, it is no wonder that traffic accidents are so common. Experts claim that an average driver has more than 70% chance to be in a collision in their lifetime. It seems like people need to very lucky to live their life without this kind of accident. So, once you consider just how high the chances of being in a collision are, it is smart to always have a car accident lawyer.

Assuming that you have found yourself in such a situation, you are probably wondering what your next steps should be to get the best outcome. The first thing you need to do is calm yourself and ensure that you, the other driver, and everyone else that was part of the collision is not injured in any way. If there are injuries, call an ambulance as fast as possible. If not, I would advise you to call a lawyer.

Sure, hiring one can be costly, but losing a case in court will be ten times more expensive. If this is not convincing enough, here are some of the top reasons why you should hire a car accident attorney.

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They will provide immediate support


I already mentioned that once you have determined that everyone is safe after the collision, you should call an attorney as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of your situation, they might show up at the scene of the crash in record time.

The attorney will want to ensure that they have all of the evidence gathered and to collect information from the other person who might have been at fault. They will also answer the police for you to protect you.

Trust me, you do not want to say something to the cops that you shouldn’t. Anything you might mention could be used against you in court. Leave all the talking to the professional and just relax until they finish their work.

They will help with insurance


For most people in this world, the car may be their most valuable thing after their home. It is their only transportation vehicle. Some cannot afford to lose this method of transportation. I would guess that you feel the same way. Without a car, you won’t be able to get anywhere throughout the day. You will have to rely on public transport to get to work. This is unacceptable. Your vehicle needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Fortunately, an attorney might be able to help you with insurance to ensure that you get paid properly for the damages. Most insurance companies will do everything in their power to pay as little as possible when it comes to vehicle repairs, but with a lawyer by your side, they won’t even bother convincing him/her otherwise. A good attorney understands the law thoroughly and these companies are not ready to against the law. Folger Law Firm believes the chances of getting paid by an insurance company are several times higher when you have a lawyer hired. So, don’t risk it and just hire one.

They will determine who is truly at fault


There are always two sides to a story and it is always best to hear both. Even if the lawyer is on your side, they will need to hear what the other driver has to say about the situation. They can use that information to help you in the long run.

The truth is, car collisions are events that happen in a fraction of a second. The time for reaction is even shorter. This means that in your eyes, it seemed like the other driver was at fault, but that may not be true. You might have a wrong perception of what really happened. This is why it is very important to tell your lawyer everything you know about the collision. Do not withhold any kind of information. Remember, there is strict confidentiality between the lawyer and the client.

Once an attorney gets both sides of the story, they will be able to determine who was truly at fault. They can use this knowledge to help you win this case.

They know when to take it to court


No one likes going to court, no matter the reason. It is an expensive and long process that can cause serious stress to anyone. I understand that you probably do not want to be part of such a thing, but in some situations, you won’t have a choice. Even if you do, it might be best to go to court instead of getting a fraction of the settlement.

An experienced attorney in this area of the law will know whether a case needs to be pushed for court or not. It may sound like a bad idea at first, but trust your lawyer because they know what they are doing. After the case is finally settled through court, you will get a much better settlement.

Cheaper than losing a case in court

One of the biggest reasons why people avoid hiring a professional to help them with a car accident is because it seems too expensive. And it sure is. It is no secret that attorneys can be expensive. The fee will depend on the case.

However, do you know just how much money they can take from you if you lose your case in court? Representing yourself may seem like a good idea at first, but once the jury or judge starts turning against you, you will regret it.

So, don’t try to save money by avoiding an attorney. The fee may be a couple of thousand dollars, but that’s much better than losing tens of thousands of dollars.

Better safe than sorry


You probably already know that you only have one chance to win this case. You shouldn’t experiment in any way. Go down the safe route and just hire a professional who will be able to help you.

These are some of the reasons I believe why everyone should consider hiring a lawyer after a car accident.