5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring a Workers Comp Lawyer – 2024 Guide

There are many jobs where the possibility of injury to workers is very high. This is especially the case in factories, on construction sites, then police officers and many other occupations are also exposed to great risk. Also, almost every job carries at least a certain risk because a serious injury can be suffered while performing your work duty. It is for this reason that the government has introduced a system of compensation to workers in the event of an injury. Then they will be reimbursed for the costs of treatment, as well as all lost earnings. This insurance is valid, of course, only if the injury occurred during working hours, and not outside of working hours.

As such an injury can mark the end of your professional career or a long-term inability to live normally and earn money, it is very important how the whole process will be handled to get proper workmen’s compensation. And you can get full financial assistance only if you are represented by a professional and responsible lawyer. In order not to make a mistake during that stressful period and hire a lawyer who is not specialized in your problem, we will tell you what mistakes you have to avoid when hiring a workers comp lawyer.

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1.Hiring lawyer who is not experienced in workmen’s compensation cases

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This includes all general practice lawyers and those who very rarely encounter workplace injury cases. These are very complex cases where it is necessary for your legal representative to know every detail of the law of that state in order to be able to win as much compensation as possible for you. Your future life depends on the success of the whole process. If you are disabled for work permanently or temporarily you will have no money to live if the workmen’s compensation is not suitable. So you need to fight for your future. And in this case that means choosing right lawyer.

It is important that you understand the importance and then look for a lawyer to whom such cases are primary. To further explain the importance of hiring a specialized legal representative, we will make a simple comparison. If you have heart problems, you will not go to a neurologist but to a cardiologist. Nor can a criminal lawyer help you in the same way as an attorney who works with workplace injuries all the time.

2. Choose one who is not experienced in the courtroom

When looking for a suitable one, you need to pay attention to the percentage of his cases that end in a settlement. Of course, a settlement is sometimes the best option and you should not go to court at any cost. If the insurance company offers satisfactory compensation, there is no reason to spend money on a trial and prolong the whole situation, because you need the money immediately. But it is often the case that they try to offer you a bad deal. That’s why you need a lawyer who won’t hesitate to go to court. And whether he is experienced in trails you can see by whether he solves everything by settlement or he is often in the courtroom. You need one who is often in the courtroom and is experienced in litigation. This will force the insurance company to offer you good terms, in order to avoid additional trial costs. And if they know that your lawyer is always looking for a settlement, they will offer you less money. Be sure they will check who is your attorney and inquire about his reputation.

3. Paying upfront

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You will make a big mistake if you pay the lawyer in advance. It is common for lawyers to always charge for such cases only at the end, depending on the success of the whole case. This means that in case everything does not end in your favor, at least you will not have to pay an attorney’s fee. Also, he will have a big motive for your case to be successful, so that he would get more money from you once everything is over. If they pay him in advance, it does not mean that he will not make an effort to win your case, but you have already paid him, so it is possible that he will dedicate himself more to another case where he will be paid only in the end. So by no means accept to pay upfront. If he demands money upfront, find another one.

4. Hire an attorney without an interview

Although you can find reviews for everyone on the Internet, it is not enough when you decide who will represent you. Even if someone close to you recommended that particular lawyer, you still need to meet with him live to assess whether he is right for you. You as a potential client have the right to do so, so call and make an appointment. That way you will get a real impression of how it works and everything else you need to know. You must not be lazy when doing research. As we have already said, the outcome of this case has life changing implications for you. This also means that you should not hire the first one you meet, but at least 2 or 3 before making a decision. Every good workers comp lawyer can give you more info about anything you want to know about workers comp cases. So if you see he is reluctant to give you answers right away, he is not the right choice.  First meeting is free so you can meet as many as you want.

5. Hiring cheap one

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As we said before, never pay in advance. But also, do not choose cheap one. Being cheap probably means he has a reputation for not being very successful. So it is better to accept to pay him a higher percentage in the end, but to know that you will win the case and that he will provide you with both legal and any other necessary assistance during the process. It is very important that your legal representative is a kind of psychologist who will help you during this difficult period in your life.


And finally, you must not forget to collect all the necessary documents from the doctor since day one. As soon as the injury occurs, go to the doctor immediately and make sure that your medical file is full of all the necessary information. If you fail to do so, no lawyer will be able to help you, no matter how well you choose him.