How Millennial Restaurateurs Use Technology to Boost Their Business

Technology has changed life for everybody, but young people are often early adopters of the newest tech, and that’s certainly true when it comes to incorporating new technology in their restaurant. Check out some of the savvy ways millennial restaurateurs have used technology in their restaurants.

Restaurant Scheduling Software

Technology is all about making slow, frustrating and difficult processes fast, seamless and easy. Restaurant scheduling does precisely this: now, creating a schedule for all employees takes 80% less time. This cloud-based app uses predictive technology to make schedules quickly that work for everyone.

The app also makes it easy for employees to inform their manager about when they’re available to work — all they need to do is use a simple drag-and-drop function on their phone to let their manager know when they’re free. At the same time, they’ll also receive an automatic notification on their phone if there are any changes made to the schedule. This makes it easy for them to organize their life outside of work, and for managers to ensure that they always have a full headcount at their restaurant.

This kind of software also delivers other crucial functions, like streamlined communications, manager log books, and Point of Sales integration, so click here to learn more about the other ways young restaurant owners have used restaurant scheduling software to improve their restaurant’s business operations.

Tabletop Tablets

Many find it rude to have your phone out during dinner, but some restaurants have digital screens that are meant to be used at the table! These are tabletop tablets which let customers browse the menu, order and pay for their food themselves. This has a few advantages: the program can be designed to up-sell certain products or emphasize certain food or drinks, but it also frees up staff so they can focus on engaging with the clientele or working in the kitchen.

It also ensures that the orders aren’t subject to human-error, which can happen when waiters are overworked, or simply because people inevitably make mistakes.

Food Delivery Apps

These apps have got a lot of attention, and for good reason: now phone apps let you order food from restaurants which didn’t used to deliver. This vastly increases the reach of restaurants, expanding their potential clientele. Now, people who don’t live near the physical restaurant can easily try their food.

It’s not only fast food restaurants that are using this food delivery service. There are considerably upscale restaurants delivering a range of food that traditionally wasn’t available via home delivery.

Technology has changed many facets of life, and the youth at the forefront of technological change have been very resourceful in using it to expand their business and simplify their operations. Restaurant scheduling software, food delivery apps and tabletop tablets are all impressive means of business improvement that would have been unimaginable only years ago. It’ll be exciting to see what new technological measures young restaurateurs take advantage of in the years to come!