How Often Is It Okay to Change Baby Formula – 2024 Guide

In some cases, the baby formula that you are giving your baby is not the one that you stick with. Even though all baby formulas that you can find on the market are meeting common federal nutrient standards, the ingredients are different. Therefore, every brand is offering different products. Since the selection of baby formula is wide on the market, it is completely normal that many parents have a problem finding the right one for their baby.

However, if you see that there is a need to switch baby formula, do not resist finding the one that will suit your baby. There could be so many reasons why parents are deciding on this step. Maybe the baby has some medical problem, allergy, or some other reaction after consuming the specific baby formula. Therefore, it is a completely safe thing to change it. Additionally, babies are often switching formulas without any problem.

In this article, we prepared a guide that will help you make the transition from one formula to another, give you an answer on how long it takes for a baby to adjust to a formula change, and often it is okay to switch it. All of that information will make everything a lot easier for you as a parent and your baby.

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Development of the baby


The nutritional needs of every baby is changing as the baby grows. It is completely normal that breast milk naturally can not provide enough nutritional requirements for the baby, therefore baby formula can be the addition that is going to help the baby to develop. Baby formulas are actually a great source of nutrition for the baby.

If the baby already was fed with baby formula, there may occur some situations when you need to switch to a different age formula. More precisely, there are baby formulas that are supporting different nutritional needs. Switch baby formula is not so complicated, therefore, parents should not feel stressed about this. There are some simple tips that can help every parent to recognize when it is time to switch the baby formula for the ones that are more age-appropriate.

When you should change baby formulas

It is normal that every baby is individual in the terms of development, therefore there are no strict rules about both using and switching baby formulas. The only thing parents need to do is pay attention! For example, you can notice that your baby is becoming hungrier than usual even though you gave her formula. This means that particular formula is not supporting the baby’s needs. At that point, you should seek a product that will better support your baby’s nutrition.

When you are switching formula, you want to do it slowly, so you won’t upset your baby’s stomach. Additionally, you should always read the label on the product bottle, before you start using it. In that way, you will find all the necessary information about what age ranges the formula has been created for, and some other important factors that you should take into consideration. You will also find a special feeding guide that will define how much your baby should consume the formula.

How to make the change


It is incredibly important to read properly and follow the exact preparation guide that is written on the product label. When you are switching to new baby formulas, you should start increasing the volume of the new formula by 25% every 2 days. Repeat this process until the target volume of the formula is reached. On the first day, you should prepare the baby formula that your baby is currently using to 75% of the volume.

On top of that, you should prepare the 25% of the new baby formula you want to make the transition to. Repeat this process every time you are feeding your baby for two days. After that, on day third, you should prepare 50% of the current formula and add 50% of the new baby formula and feed your baby with that. You should also repeat this process of feeding for two days.

When you reach the fifth day, you can prepare only 25% of the current baby formula and add 75% of the new baby formula. As with previous days, you should feed your baby like this for two days. After that period, on the seventh day, you can give your baby a 100% of the new formula. Logically, you should give your baby the amount of food that is recommendable on the bottle label.

How often is it okay to change the baby formula 

This is one of the common questions of the parents. You should be free to change baby formulas until you find the one that suits your baby the most. You will see which product your baby will tolerate the most. Every baby is different and you need to remember that. Therefore, if your baby does not accept some common baby formula do not worry about whether or not there is something wrong with your baby.

Also, some babies are taking their new formula without any problems while others will take time to get used to the new one. Therefore, the crucial thing is to be patient and wait until your baby adjusts to some particular baby formula. Additionally, you should monitor the changes and reactions of the baby. In case you have some concerns, you should always be free to consult with a professional.


Additionally, you should be aware of the fact that organic baby formulas are a much healthier choice for your baby. It is true that there is a wide selection of different brands and their product types that parents can find in the market or online. It is highly important to choose a reliable source when you are buying something like this for your baby. Only in that way you can be sure that the product is 100% reliable and that it contains all necessary nutrients for your baby. You can never make the mistake of buying natural and organic baby formula products since you can be sure of what ingredients includes. If you are interested to try something organic when you are switching baby formula, you can check the Organic Life Start option.