How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Laser Eye Surgery?

Although LASIK has been performed on children as young as 16 years of age, it is good to know that the procedure is not right for children. That is because, the body is still changing and even the eyes are still trying to get their correct places; however, 20 is a good age to get LASIK surgery because 95% of your body has finished developing. Note that the procedure is only safe if you are sure about the condition. In Hunter Vision Team’s opinion, other facts about LASIK that are relatable to age include:

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May not be suitable after 40 years?

Age is one of the factors that can lead to vision deterioration, and this is quite common with old folks who cannot read without their glasses. This can happen even to someone who has already had LASIK before. Know that in such a situation, you can still go for LASIK once again to repair your vision. Note that the treatment is focused on improving the site by altering the cells within your cornea. However, from 40 years, one is likely to develop presbyopia, and that limits the level of eye correction that can be achieved through LASIK.

Cannot treat cataract

From the age of 50, many people begin developing a cataract. This hinders vision by blocking the lens, making it cloudy and in some cases even opaque. Note that LASIK cannot be used to get rid of cataract because it attacks the lens directly. The best solution for this probably is to get a new lens implant, but this should be done at the right time when the cataract is finished forming.

Better after breastfeeding

Pregnant women who want to get LASIK are advised to go for the surgery way after they are done breastfeeding. That is because a lot of changes takes place in the female body during that time and can affect the stability of the eyes reactiveness.

Medication and steroids

When approaching 30, most men resolve to use supplements to enhance performance. However, it is good to know that before going for a LASIK screening, you need to stop the medication for a while. Note that to make your LASIK surgery more successful, you will want your body to be capable of healing itself naturally. By involving your medications or steroids in the process, you will alter the body functioning; hence, the healing process can be slower.


LASIK requires several factors to be taken into consideration for it to be a success. Your general health has to be perfect because the eyes are reactive, especially if they are exposed to harmful substances. Most of the times, the doctor will advise their patients about Lasik but always keep in mind that you will want it performed on someone whose eyes are genuinely affected. That is why you don’t want to take your kid for LASIK.