How Soon After a Breakup Can You Start Dating Again?

Wouldn’t it be ideal if all of us could break into song, like in a movie, and find our soulmates there and then before the song ends? If only right? As much as these day-dreaming scenarios help to keep the hope for finding love alive, it does tend to lead us away from reality.

Many of us have experienced the pain of going through a breakup. Ending a relationship is never easy on anyone, and it can be challenging to start dating again. These LiveTray tips can help you figure out when and how you can begin your search for love again.

No written rule-book sets down the laws and regulations for dating after a breakup. Even though society may seem to offer its timeline and schedule on when it thinks it is the right time to start dating again, the truth is that society has too many opinions and none so important. When it comes to things which concern just you, the most important voice is your own. It is important to realize this early on. You can learn more about different stages of a breakup by and we strongly suggest that you do that-

Another thing is that no time is too soon or too early. Although it is advisable to take things slowly and wait for the dust to settle before taking the next leap, there are always exceptions to certain rules. The point here is that everyone handles different situations differently, and so there shouldn’t be any stigma regarding moving on “too fast.”

You shouldn’t feel any sense of guilt or shame if you feel ready to date again, even if it is just a few days or weeks or months. Your time is your own.

You can always start dating again as soon as you feel ready for the next step, not when you’re “supposedly” ready. In this Livetray article, we have noted some pointers to help you find your own right time to step into a relationship.

  • Your confidence is back – a breakup can take a toll on anyone’s confidence, especially if it wasn’t exactly mutual. However, sooner or later, you will eventually gain back your confidence and, with it, your self-esteem, self-worth, and happiness. Gaining your confidence back is a sure sign that shows that you are now ready to take the next step if you want to.
  • The tears have stopped – before this, every little thing reminded you of our ex and the tears, they just kept on flowing as though someone had left the tap open. Crying is an excellent way to let out the sadness and anger that may be bottled up inside. It relieves the body and heart and helps to put back the pieces together. Finding happiness again in other things is a step taken in the right direction.
  • Throwing away the self-pity, we may feel sorry for ourselves at one point or the other. When you are just fresh out of a relationship, you may feel an undesirable surge of self-pity. It is entirely reasonable and almost unavoidable. However, this ‘woe is me’ attitude does not do much good for anyone. The sooner you realize that the self-pity needs to go, the better. Once you get this down, the world is your oyster, and you are ready for anything.
  • Forgiving – to forgive is divine. Forgiveness isn’t easy, and you are never really healed unless you learn to forgive others for their misdoings and also yourself if need be. Being okay with finally forgiving your ex for hurting you and moving on without any hate or sadness will bring about a sense of genuine happiness and lightness. Forgiving oneself for being vulnerable and emotional is even more important. It would be best if you weren’t too hard on yourself.
  • Moving on – the most obvious way to tell if you are ready for dating again is finally realizing that you have moved on and are feeling happier than you have ever been. When you have moved on from your past relationship, you will begin to see things more positively. The way you carry yourself, your attitude, and your entire outlook on life and love will change for the better. It will not be hard to notice these changes, and you will know that you are ready for something else.

We are all different individuals, and each one of us will experience these things differently and at different paces. While one person may feel ready in as little as a week, someone else may take several months, and others will still take years to feel ready to date again. All of us must understand that each person’s timing is justified irrespective of how sooner or later it may be. So, we shouldn’t rush ourselves or hold ourselves back either, but instead, move at our own pace and find love when we feel entirely ready for it.