How To Find The Best Electric Scooter For City Travel

While many of us had to start working from our own house during the pandemic, commuting is still a large part of life for so many people. And while traveling around the city can be fun, that pleasure is not connected with commuting. But this is especially true during rush hour. Crowds in buses or traffic if you travel by car can be extremely tiresome. Now, if your work isn’t that far away, walking can be an option. But what to do when it isn’t? That is where electric scooters are a gift from havens.

Some people think that scooters are for children and teenagers, but that has long not been the case. Not only are scooters great for people of all ages, but they are incredibly compact and easy to use, and besides that, unlike walking and riding a bike, we don’t get tired or sweaty. So if you are interested in traveling around the city in a faster way and without getting tired, just click here to check out some exceptional electric scooter selection, and for those who would like to find out how to determine which electric scooter suits you the best, simply continue reading.

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Smaller scooters with various apps


So let us say that you are a modernized person and like high-tech things. If various electronic gadgets and smartphones are something you are looking for when deciding on a scooter, maybe check out some Xiaomi models. Their designs tend to be incredibly fresh and aerodynamic, with a solid engine that can travel over fifteen miles per hour for almost twenty miles. That should be more than enough to reach our work and get us back home. Charging is not the fastest, but it is still not a problem, so if you are interested in the newest technologies, with apps that let us monitor all the data of our rides, then definitely consider some of Xiaomi models.

While the design is the biggest strength of this scooter, it is not without some cons. Since it is considerably small, it can be easy to manage it and put it wherever you want, but the drawback of its size is lack of power. And while we don’t actually buy these types of vehicles for their power, you should still avoid this high-tech vehicle if you live in a city with a lot of hills. Some hills it can manage, but anything too extreme is a problem this little guy can’t handle.

For short distance


Now, for those interested in an electric scooter that is perfect for shorter commutes, something like Razor EcoSmart Metro is a great candidate. With a max speed that is more than sufficient for short city rides and with a limit of only twelve miles, it is not designed for a longer distance. That’s less than an hour of traveling time, so no detours are allowed on this one. What’s also its advantage is solid storage space in the back, so it could be used for shopping, as long as you don’t buy anything too heavy.

Even heavier adults might have a problem with it since it is not made for tall or people that have a weight problem. And while it is super comfortable and has a basket, flaws are also something we must notice, particularly that it weighs around 67 pounds (30 kg) and is not foldable, meaning that it is not something that is designed to enter public transport easily when its battery is dead. As we already mentioned above, even though it is the best choice for people who require short commuting, everyone else will much more likely feel the cons of this model.

For longer distance


So after a short-range recommendation, let us give a long-range one. Segway Ninebot Max has a great engine that allows a speed of almost twenty miles per hour and a maximum range of 40 miles (65 km). That should really handle the needs of anyone who doesn’t have to commute to another city for work. And if you have to do that, then we don’t recommend an electric scooter anyway. While it is a bit heavier than most scooters, it is still foldable. That means we can carry it around when we don’t use it. With a LED lights and a power adapter, it also has some nice features. It is definitely a great choice if your needs make you commute for a longer time.

Electric scooter for any situation


Now, if you are not looking for just short or just long travels and just want the best possible all-around electric scooter, maybe consider Glion Dolly. While the speed is average, the reaching distance is not that great, only fifteen miles. But what separates it from other scooters is how light it is, only twenty-eight pounds (12 kg), and is foldable. It even has a great trick when folded. We can literally drag it behind us like a traveling suitcase. So even when it can no longer carry us, it is not a problem to carry it.

Another advantage is that it can even support higher weights than most scooters, which is a pleasant surprise. It comes with most of the regular features, like LED light, good suspension, solid brakes, and a battery that is easily accessible. It takes only three to four hours to charge the batteries, which is ideal. All in all, it is an electronic scooter that has a lot of advantages, and the only flaw is short-range. Unlike some other short-range scooters, this one is incredibly easy to handle in situations when we don’t ride it.


As we have seen, there are a lot of great electronic scooters out there. In the end, it really depends on what you need. It is you who first needs to understand what is it that you really want and need? How far do you plan to drive an electronic scooter? Is it of great importance that you can fold it or not? Is speed important, or perhaps to have cutting-edge technology installed? Once you have an understatement of what your requirements are, it is not that hard to find the best possible electronic scooter for city travel.