How To Be Well Prepared For A Paintball Game

Is the day for your paintball game approaching? Is it your first game? Are you wondering about what to get and take with you?

As paintball is usually an outdoor sport and though it’s being safe brings small dangers along with and as paintball to get direct contact with our body, it’s best to be cautious.

Well let just keep your worry aside, here are few of the things you should be careful before you take off:

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Make sure you have all the equipment’s in good shape, your gun should be in perfect shape with a good barrel and its bore suitable for your paintballs. Now look up your tanks are they full? And make sure they are not expired.

Also, have a look at your paintball, their size, and quality because you surely don’t want a problem at the last minute. Your equipment should be in good quality before you get in the field and don’t forget to keep an extra gun just to be sure.

Don’t forget to keep the oil for your gun which is important to keep the gun lubricated and functioning.
As usual, the game is played outdoors and if you are playing it at night better keep some torch lights with you, you don’t want to lose the track. Keep extra batteries in case of emergencies.

Have your pack back completely set before going on the field you don’t want to get into trouble at the last minute. It’s better you double-check all that you have kept. Make sure you have enough paintball and you don’t run out of them.

It’s important you also keep first aid kit, again, as you are playing outside, there are high chances of getting bruises though they are a sign that you are having fun but keeping few band-aids and antiseptic is a must.


Make sure you have all the pieces of the needed gear, though, the game is pretty safe but being hit by a paintball can sting for a while so it’s important you take care of everything beforehand.

As the game is mostly played outdoors and even if you are playing indoors make sure of all the following items, the helmet is a must, face mask, a proper t-shirt and pants, gloves, goggles, and paintball vest are few of the following items which should be taken care of. In case you are still wondering what gear should you use then here is the in-depth guide for you.

Dressing properly should be the main task as you can’t go dressed in simple tank tops and shorts. If paintball gets direct contact with the skin it can leave stinging marks on your body. Therefore, it’s important to wear proper clothing before getting into the field.

Apart from it if you are playing in day time it’s best to keep sunscreen with you, because staying too much in the sun can definitely have a negative effect.

Another important thing is to be hydrated make sure you have your own enough supply of water and don’t run out of them, as you would be sweating profusely it’s better you have water in your body.

Paintball demands a good amount of energy it’s better to keep energy bars or protein bars along with you. If you get the sudden need of taking something you must have your own supply of quick energy.


It’s important that you know about the weather the last thing you want is weather making it hard for you to play. Obviously, you can’t play in heavy rain, a light shower is not trouble though, so, it’s better you keep a check on weather changes before stepping in the field.


Other than the above mention it’s equally important to keep a check on your car, is it fueled enough? The tires? And etc. Make sure you have the location properly understood.

Before leaving these are a few of the things you have to be sure of because at the end you can’t have the trouble getting anything, you can’t risk the shop near the field. It’s important you have everything set with you from comfortable but safe gear for your own safety to paintball guns, paintballs, barrels, tank consisting of compressed gas, and other supplies being in the best quality for the game. If all these are checked you are good to go.

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