7 Tips on How to Get Better at Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a popular gaming franchise that was first promoted in 2003. Since then, the game is sold in hundreds of million copies, resulting in over $15 billion sales. It is a World War II-based game, but as you play it, you move to different areas and centuries.

There are a few installments of the game, including also the spin-offs, but some companies have a license to produce and sell action figures, comics, and alternative card games. The first developer was Infinity Ward. Treyarch joined later in 2005, and the last one in the developing team is Sledgehammer Games. The game is available for Windows and macOS, Sony PlayStation 2, 3 and 4, Xbox, together with Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and of course, for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Many gamers all around the world had already chosen this game as their primary choice, and they are working hard to get great results and range higher in the global list of the best Call of Duty players. Even the most enthusiastic gamers sometimes have problems passing some level or destroy the enemies, so they must establish a strong strategy that will result in more winnings and better rankings.

Here are a few tips about how to do that:

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Use the equipment and weapons properly


Start with the basic equipment and build your skills and experience, so you can unlock new weapons and use them against your virtual enemies. Every player has a different favorite gun so you also need to find what is yours. Take your time, practice, and you will have more successful hits soon. Build your strategy around the tools and skills you own. Also, you need to invest in a good pair of headphones, because sounds are important and they will help you discover where your enemy hides. Just locate the sound and attack immediately, before your opponent realizes you are too close.

It’s normal to have a unique playing style. You don’t need to mimic your teammates and friends style to get better results. Just think with your own head and realize how to use the skills and weapon you have. That will make you a good player that everyone will love to learn from. And, while we are at the learning…

Choose your team carefully so you can learn from your mates

Very often, a group of friends creates a team, thinking they will be the winners, but after a short period, they are fighting and accusing each other of the bad results and missed chances. That creates a toxic environment and many players decide to give up at this point because they can’t handle losing friends because of a video game.

If you want to join a professional team, click here and connect with them, so you can enjoy a really good game. It’s normal to choose to pay for a high-quality service that will save you a lot of nerves and energy you will need to win the battle. You will also improve your gaming skills as a part of these professional CoD teams and increase your winning rate.


Adjust the mouse sensitivity

It’s not enough to buy a professional gaming mouse. You need to adjust its sensitivity so it can react better when someone is in front of you and you only have less than a second to kill them. Check if the default sensitivity works for you. A higher level will allow you to be more accurate with your shots and reactions. But, you need to adapt to the new mouse speed, so you won’t miss important details looking for the pointer to show up and get its place on the monitor.

Choose one-on-one training

You can arrange one-on-one practicing with someone who is a little better than you, so you can improve your skills. You both need to choose a point on the map and start with your training session. This person can be your real-life friend who is into Call of Duty, or some mate you found online, and who shares the same passion about the game, just like you.


Study the maps carefully

No one takes any step without getting to know the terrain well. That is the case with Call of Duty too. You need to study the maps carefully, so you can have a clear image of what is happening and where are you exactly. That will help you recognize the critical points and the possible places where your enemy hides.

Test the different options in the settings menu

The game has a default mode, that most of the players learn and practice how to play. But, if you study the settings carefully, you will see that there are a lot more options than you can adjust and configure following your needs and preferences. So, before you enter some demanding CoD tournament, you need to take your time and see how everything works. You will eventually find the mode that is most suitable for you and that will guarantee to win.


Use the weapon wisely

Like we already said, it’s important to develop a strong strategy together with your mates, but also for your own. That also means that you don’t need to spend your tactical weapon so you can guarantee your victory, but to be careful when and how you use it. For example, you don’t need to throw bombs and grenades, when you can use a simple gun to win. Just be careful and create a proper tactic, that will lead you and your team to the leading point on the global ranking list.

If you have a proper strategy for this game, the things you learn and skills you get can be used also in the real-life, in the meaning of using the right things at the right moments, and not spending your precious time on things that are not worthy for that. So, find your teammates and start playing this game. You will soon realize why most of the gamers all around the world simply love it.