How To Boost Your Sales With Salesforce Implementation

Reliable connections between customers and sales reps are key to a successful business. If we are talking about Salesforce pros and cons, we should consider the fact this is one of the most widely used customer relationship management (CRM) cloud software systems. Many Fortune 500 companies have implemented it into their workflow.

If you set up Salesforce and use it in a proper way, it will lead to customer loyalty, then growth, and finally profits. Join Salesforce training online at Edureka to know all the better ways to use Salesforce.

To improve the performance of your sales organization, you need to consider the following Sales force steps.

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1. Timing

Your sales rep should act whenever the lead is ready. Researches show that 35-50 of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

2. Simplification

The sales process must be simple and well-defined. Means of implementing the process and following up must be effective and understandable for everyone.

3. Internal Communications Processes

Nothing good will happen if your internal processes are not fine-tuned. Employees should communicate with each other without any problems. Hence, staff performance will be at the highest level.

4. High Priority vs. Low Priority

Prioritize tasks! It is better to keep high-level plans and goals separate from low-level items. One more tip: don’t detract from the broader high-level plans.

5. Data Analysis

Data Analysis allows you to gain insights on won or lost opportunities to improve sale. Sales force can store all your data that is why users can trust these accurate data.

Sales force has many opportunities that can help you in acquiring new leads. A team of top-notch engineers can provide you with Sales force development services.

This wide range of Sales force products includes:

Sales Cloud can help your sales reps find more customers, accelerate sales productivity and close deals faster.
Service Cloud helps in supporting customers from anywhere and anytime so that communication flows seamlessly.
Marketing Cloud has a big set of tools that help in uniting marketing and sales activities on one platform.
Commerce Cloud will allow you to create a personalized shopping experience.
Community Cloud can improve engagement by building communities for employees, partners or vendors.
Salesforce Platform as an all-in-one platform that allows you to customize solutions, build your own apps, add security levels, etc.

With Sales force Sales Cloud as a CRM, your business can reach the full potential and succeed among competitors.

It will become a great solution for your business if you want to achieve a full 360-degree-view of your customer.
This powerful solution can help your sales reps manage your contacts in a shared cloud environment.
Also, Salesforce Sales Cloud allows managing your opportunities effectively with pipeline management.
The most important thing is this solution can help mature and young sales team streamline the marketing and sales process.

The Salesforce Sale Cycle

By acquiring new leads you wish to accelerate closing pipeline sales. That’s why it is highly important to make up a plan and organize the sale cycle step by step.

#1: Sales reps should follow the process of finding new potential customers. Sales force allows you to track all their activities and not to miss a single step towards the acquisition of leads.

#2: Sales reps should set up an appointment. They can choose any option: make a cold phone, call in person, send an e-mail or use different social media channels within the Salesforce environment. It is better to set up a face-to-face appointment rather than try to sell over the phone.

#3: Sales reps should understand the qualification stage. As experienced professionals, your team must rapidly identify whether your prospect is able to buy the product or service. It is very important as they won’t have to spend too much time trying to convince them.

#4: Salesforce allows your reps to convert a lead into a customer in less time and at less cost. Prepare the presentation, sell the company as a person to trust, deal with your customer’s concerns and close the sale in the easiest way.


Using these tips above can help improve and quicken your sales process. If you want to achieve the sales cycle speed it is better to find time-saving ways to help sales reps have more face time with their customers.

Don’t be afraid if this process takes too much time; find your optimal productivity level.