How To Choose The Best Garment Bag

When it comes to making a good first impression in business meetings, a garment bag is an ultimate item that will take you over the line.

A general rule of thumb would be that appearances matter and your appearance especially matters when it comes to business. It’s safe to say that keeping it professional should be your top priority during meetings, and what better way to do it than with a fresh new suit and a garment bag?

This article will teach you everything there is to choose the best garment bag. From features to needs, it covers the most important aspects and things to look for in garment bags. So stick around as this article might prove useful to you in the future.

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The Type of Garment Bag You Need

A garment bag should be carefully selected based on your needs. Your needs, however, depend on the duration of your trip and what you’re planning on doing for the entire trip itself. Garment bags, of course, are used by business people to carry their suits, dresses, shirts, and their entire attire during travels. So a quality garment bag should be chosen based on the two things we mentioned.

Since the people who have the most use of this type of luggage are business people, we’re safely going to assume that most of your traveling will be for business purposes.

Features to Look For

According to Stitch Golf, features are an important part when it comes to choosing the best garment bag. The most important features to look for in garment bags are:

·      The Size

When it comes to garment bags, a general rule of thumb is that garment bags come in predominantly two sizes. One size is that’s meant to be a carry-on bag, and the other size is that it’s meant to be a checking bag.

The first one means that the bag sizes around 21” or less, while the checked version is generally larger at around 40” and more.

Depending on your needs, a larger bag will fit more clothes and it’s more recommended for longer travels. A smaller bag is better designed for shorter trips and subsequently fits fewer clothes.

·      Wheels

Wheels are a very important part when it comes to garment bags, but there are a few things to look for in rolling garment bags.

Two-wheeled garment bags are the most common and recommended option if you’re deciding to purchase a rolling unit. Two-wheeled models have the wheels closer to the frame and feel much better as opposed to four-wheeled.

When fully packed, garment bags are on the heavier side so a lot more force is being transferred to the wheels when the bag is picked up.

·      Extended Handle

This feature also applies to rolling garment bags, but it’s a great one none the less. A rolling garment bag cannot be used without an extended handle for extra movement and flexibility.

·      Handles

Found on both rolling and ordinary garment bags, handles are very important as they are used to pick up the bag. Always make sure that you have handles on your garment bag; otherwise, what’s the point of using any type of bag.