How to Find Information about Someone Online

There are many times when someone becomes an intolerable bully online. They hide behind anonymity, but their behavior should be reported before things turn worse. There can be many reasons that compel a person to find information about someone online from abuse to harassment or other personal reasons. However, it is not difficult to look for details about a person anymore. Open data has made it accessible for people to gather details about another individual.

There are multiple websites which let you search someone online:

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§ Databases

An easy way to find information about someone is to go up on databases. This could be an electoral roll organized by the government. Many countries across the world offer public information online about people through these rolls. You can even lookup someone through their work through websites which are especially dedicated to information about company heads, directors and secretaries. Land and property registries are another source for coming across details.

§ Digital Footprint Trace

If you are looking for information through email address, you can use the IP address to trace the person. Websites like the Whatismyipaddress can be useful in locating the person. Moreover, there are also search through a website URL on websites that will list affiliated people with it. In other words, for each chunk of information, there is a website which targets specific information and helps you dig up more.

§ People Finders

While there are many ways online to find information, you can certainly use people finder websites which include proper data sets. Most of these websites have proper information about individuals about their life legally recorded. You can register and pay to access certain information about people through these online domains.

For instance, at Wink, you can make different requests several times to find comprehensive information regarding an individual. On the other hand, Pipl is known for providing information that might be rather difficult to come across on other platforms. It is popular for looking into the ‘dark web’ to dig up data that is hidden deep.

ZabaSearch is another online platform that will help you find information like phone numbers and address of a particular person. It is also a famous open data source which is easily available to people and can be used easily.

Ancestry is also well-known for providing genealog ies about people and their distant past through 1.6 million of records made available in the past years.

§ Online Obituaries

If you are after funeral notices or someone who might have recently passed away, online obituaries would be helpful in looking up information. You can use websites like Tributes, Obitsonline and Obituary Listing.

According to, with a bit of research and keywords, you can land on the exact information that you are looking for. The open data sources make it convenient to finally identify someone and see information about them. The internet offers useful and comprehensive datasets about individuals, so you feel safer. You can find information regarding any person through a few chunks of data online.