Best Cool Spy Gadgets That Make You A Pro in 2024

James Bond films and books do not lose their popularity even sixty years after their first appearance. With a plot full of unexpected events and twists, attractive women and fast cars, one of the things that attracts the most attention from this series of movies and books are the amazing spy gadgets. Many of them are fictional and do not exist in reality, but also many do exist. There are probably even more that we don’t even know about, but they are available to spies themselves who work for the world’s best secret services.

However, if you want to spy on someone, for whatever reason, today you can find various gadgets, which were once only part of the imagination. We will present you the best cool spy gadgets with which you will be able to spy on your partner, child or use them for fun.

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1. Hidden camera pen

Hidden cameras are among the most useful gadgets. And imagine when they are so small that they are hidden in a pen. You will easily be able to record someone, which is always the most useful evidence you can have. Pretend you are writing something down, when in fact you are recording.

Make sure the camera is facing the right way, not to see that you turned it the wrong way only when you want to transfer the video to your computer. You can record and take photos. It also has night vision, so low light conditions don’t have to worry you, it won’t stop you from making quality material.

The new models even have HD cameras, so you will get a crystal clear image, and no one will suspect what you are doing. The memory varies, but is usually 32 gigabytes, which should be enough in most cases.

2. Thermal camera

You have your smartphone at your disposal, which has so many functions and is practically a small computer, so don’t use it exclusively for games and social hatred. There are many gadgets that you can mount on your smartphone, and one of the best is the thermal camera.

It is not a cheap gadget at all and costs over five hundred dollars, but knowing that real thermal cameras cost a few thousand dollars, then this is a very worthwhile investment. With the thermal camera you will be able to monitor the body heat of people, animals and machines. That way you will always know where someone is and you will not have to worry about being caught by surprise.A must have for any professional spy.

3. Rearview mirror sunglasses

You always have to know if someone is following you. Especially when you are spying on someone, it is important to be aware of everything that is happening around you. And you can easily miss something, if you constantly have to turn around and watch what is happening behind your back.

Even if you are news and manage to follow what is happening both in front of and behind you, it will be suspicious if you keep turning around. This can cause suspicion and in that way you can be discovered by the person you are following, and then you will be in big trouble.

That’s why these glasses are a great choice. They look like any glasses, so you can wear them everywhere without looking weird. And because of the special lenses, you can see what’s going on behind you, even though you’re looking ahead. The only downside is that they don’t work very well at night, so use them only during the day.

4. Mini portable GPS trackers

It is often very difficult to manage to follow someone in a crowd without keeping your distance. Or if you follow it by car, you can easily lose them due to traffic jams, traffic lights and other circumstances. Why use mini portable GPS trackers that you can attach to a car or put in someone’s luggage.

That way you will always know where it is. You will keep a safe distance, and the GPS tracker will send the coordinates to your smartphone. There are also apps, like The Truth Spy, that will do the same job. Just install the app on the phone of the person you want to track and all the work is done. This is even better than a GPS tracker, because the phone is carried everywhere, and with a GPS tracker you will lose tracking when it gets out of the car.

5. Electric shock briefcase

You will collect many important data that you must carry with you. And in a crowd it can happen that you lose your briefcase or that someone tries to steal it. That is why the electric shock briefcase is the right choice. In case someone tries to open your briefcase, and does not know the code and combination of buttons to press, they will feel a strong electric shock.

This special briefcase will emmit over 100KV and thus will thwart any intention to open it without authorization. In addition, the alarm will be activated, so you will be able to locate it, as well as the one who tried to steal it. Also, you can connect it to your smartphone via bluetooth and then if you forget it and move too far away from it, it will send alerts to the smartphone. We have already told you that your smartphone is a spy gadget that you already have and will serve you many times.

This briefcase can have additional functions, so that it drops tear gas on the thief and many other options. Useful not only for spies, but for anyone who has confidential information.

6. Spy earphones

You will need earphones for many reasons. You will want to be in touch with someone while you are stalking or you will need to eavesdrop on someone.

You can connect them via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or eavesdropping devices. What distinguishes them from ordinary earphones is that they are so small that no one will notice that you have anything in your ear, and the sound will be clear and of good quality. You can always use them for music, when you are not on duty.


With all these spy gadgets, you will be a real professional spy who will be able to perform the most demanding tasks.