How to Keep Your Beard Strong and Long

It’s always challenging for guys to grow a long and strong beard for a number of reasons. The first one is that not all men have the same capabilities of growing a long beard that will be both strong and thick. Also, after a certain length, your beard might struggle to grow and all the while, it could get out of control.

So that’s why we are here to give you some advice on how to keep your beard strong and long, all the while maintaining thickness, liveliness, and length.

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1. Take Better Care of Your Skin


As you might know, growing a healthy, long, and strong beard required your skin to be in perfect condition. The skin is the number one factor towards growing such a marvelous beard, after all.

Because of that, you will need to take better care of your skin and to do that you will need to use a good moisturizer. Regularly cleaning and washing your beard and using products like beard oil will result in stimulating circulation and removal of dead skin cells which prevent the beard from growing and becoming stronger. Using a good moisturizer will provide all of the above-mentioned needs and will result in growing a healthy, strong, and long beard.

2. Exercise More

You might not know this but exercising will improve the quality of your beard, which will result in growing the perfect beard. Losing weight is considered the stepping stone towards growing healthier hair and facial hair.

However, different types of exercises will focus on different aspects of your beard. Cardio exercises will help your beard get the necessary thickness. Exercises which focus on your muscles will increase testosterone production, which results in promoting healthy hair growth. So if you want to grow a longer and thicker beard, exercise more.

3. Say no to Stress


By now we’ve learned that testosterone is very important for growing stronger and a long beard. With stress, we lower the testosterone production in our body. Naturally, this will have a negative effect on our beard growth. Stress also makes it more difficult for nutrients to get from our blood to our hair follicles. It’s also well known that stress can make you lose hair, and we certainly don’t want that. If you want to grow a better beard, simply say no to stress and avoid it.

4. Resting Helps

It would seem that all you have to do in order to grow a longer and stronger beard is to maintain and improve your testosterone production. Our body needs to rest in order to do just that. Sleeping up to 8 hours a night can greatly rest our body and mind; subsequently, better prepare us for the day ahead. By resting up to 8 hours, your body will produce more testosterone. Anything below 8 hours will result in 20% less testosterone production.

5. Improve Your Diet


Vitamins are found in vegetables and fruits and are excellent for your health. However, some of the best beard growth products are protein rich in order to allow it to grow long and strong. So for this, we suggest you modify your diet with protein and vitamin-rich foods that will help grow your beard and improve your health. On a side note, some of the foods that are protein-rich and good for your beard are eggs, nuts, and kale. Furthermore, these foods have been found to greatly increase testosterone production, so consider it as a bonus,