How to Make Your Home Health and Wellness Friendly

What does it take to make your entire living space safe, health-friendly, and comfortable? Fortunately, any homeowner can employ a few techniques to reach those goals and make their property both attractive and livable.

Don’t underestimate the way your everyday physical environment can impact mental and physical well-being and general health. In today’s world of airborne pollutants, viruses, pandemics, contaminated groundwater, and all sorts of other hazards, it’s imperative to make sure our homes are as safe and clean as possible.

Why not transform your living quarters into a healthy space? All it takes is a few changes to make it happen. Here are some of the most effective methods for doing so.

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Get Regular HVAC Maintenance to Keep Air Clean

One of the requirements for a safe living space is indoor air quality. An HVAC system is the main source of fresh and recirculated air in modern living spaces. The units play a crucial role in keeping the temperature just right and filtering all the air that passes through them.

The single best way to make certain the HVAC system runs efficiently and cleanly is to have regular maintenance. Even before the professionals show up for their job, you should clean or replace the unit’s filters every few months to minimize the buildup of various pollutants, allergens, and common dust.

When your HVAC system is running as it should, it not only keeps the air clean but also helps keep utility costs down and extends the lifespan of the equipment.

Install a Home Lift For Better Mobility


In multi-story properties, especially for older residents, mobility is a core component of general wellness. By installing a lift, it’s possible to substantially improve accessibility for elderly adults and everyone else who lives in the same structure, regardless of age or ability.

There’s no safer way to move from floor to floor than via a domestic lift, according to the Home Lift Experts, professionals who have installed countless units in all kinds of living spaces. It’s all about eliminating the risk of falls, which are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in modern houses.

But not only do lifts make rooms safer, but they also add a touch of elegance to the general appearance of the property and can substantially boost potential resale value at the same time. For better quality of life and so many other reasons, consider installing a lift.

Make All Floors Non-Slip

One of the most common domestic accidents is falling. The cause is usually slippery floors. It’s easy and inexpensive to make every floor in your residence non-slip with tiles and special fabrics that adhere directly to the surface.

Use non-slip mats, anti-slip spray coatings, and rubber bottom area rugs in high-traffic zones. In places where moisture builds up, like garages and kitchens, using non-slip mats, rugs, and tiles is particularly effective.

Use a Purification System For Cleaner Water


There’s a direct link between the quality of household water and physical wellness. The simplest way to address this common problem is to install a high-quality purification system that cleanses all water used for drinking, bathing, washing, and cooking.

Brand-name purification systems can remove contaminants and other harmful substances, like bacteria, lead, and chlorine. Human beings need clean water for skin hygiene and everyday hydration. Invest in a reliable system to protect your family and yourself from waterborne ailments and enjoy good-tasting water for drinking and cooking.

Minimize the Threat of Radon and Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Two invisible threats for homeowners are carbon monoxide and radon, both of which can have huge medical consequences. Radon can cause lung cancer due to its radioactive properties. Carbon monoxide can also rise to fatal levels.

Not only is carbon monoxide odorless, but it has no color, making it even more hazardous. To keep danger at bay, install CO and radon monitors inside your residence. If you are in a neighborhood that tends to have high radon levels, do frequent tests for the substance. Ventilate all appliances that burn fuel to minimize CO buildup.

Be proactive about these silent threats for the benefit of your physical well-being.

Get Annual Fire Inspections


Staying safe means practicing wise fire prevention methods year-round. Annual inspections are a good way to uncover potential hazards and make sure that your property is in full compliance with regulations.

When professionals conduct an inspection, they examine electrical systems, heating units, major appliances, and other possible sources of conflagration. Another thing inspectors do is check that fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are in proper working order.

Having regular fire inspections goes a long way toward reducing your risk of a serious incident. Plus, use the annual inspection visit to remind yourself to update the family escape plan. Make sure everyone who resides in the house understands the agreed-upon emergency procedures.

Stay Vigilant About Mold Buildup

Often overlooked by property owners, organic mold can lead to all sorts of major ailments, like allergies and more serious respiratory problems. The dangerous aspect of mold is that it tends to grow fastest in environments where no one is there to see it.

It flourishes in humid, dark, damp places behind walls, in crawl spaces, and beneath floorboards. That’s why it’s so essential to stay aware of the potential spread of small areas of mold buildup. What can homeowners do on their own?

First, make a habit of inspecting places where mold likes to multiply, namely basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Acquire a few dehumidifiers to keep airborne moisture levels low. Additionally, make sure there’s proper ventilation in mold-prone areas of the property.

If you find mold while inspecting, deal with it immediately by using a special mold-killing product. Better yet, hire an experienced mold removal pro to keep your living areas mold-free.


What is Required?

Select one or more of the tactics listed above to get started on your journey to a health and wellness-friendly home. Whether you reside in a house, apartment, condo, mobile unit, or other type of dwelling, there are effective ways to win the battle against household hazards, like falling on steps, and pollution in the water and air.

Now is the time to take action and start living a safer, more healthful life.

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