How to Make Your Car Look Even Better

Every vehicle has its own aspects that signalize high value, quality and aesthetics. In addition to the appearance of the car’s bodywork, this also includes the interior and the various features that make each car individual.

Here is an overview of the most beautiful and finest accessories that no AMG should be without.

Aerodynamical features

If you drive a sports model, it is highly recommended also to make the aerodynamics sportier in addition to the appearance of the car. But there are more features than expected; mainly side skirts and tear-off edges are the most popular accessories.

The side skirts are elongated attachments that are fixed under the foot threshold of the driver and passenger side. The advantage of this is that they not only enhance the appearance but also have an aerodynamic effect and are often individually adapted to the shape of the car, mainly because of the latter point.

A tear-off edge is also an attachment that is mounted not under but on top of the car, i.e., on the trunk. Usually made of carbon and therefore available in black, a tear-off edge has the function of allowing the air to flow away better due to its aerodynamic adaptation, thus increasing the downforce at the rear axle. Since the material is also extremely light, it is straightforward to install.

An equally worthwhile investment, by the way, is a rear wing, which, however, is more likely to be used in estate cars, as a tear-off edge is more appropriate for coupés and saloon cars.

Sports stripes

Also always recommendable are optical gimmicks such as the sports stripes, which, slightly offset on the driver’s side, extend from the hood over the roof to the boot. The sports stripes can be used to give the vehicle a racecar-like design.

Performance steering wheel

However, one of the most popular accessories for AMGs is the so-called performance steering wheel. As it offers a certain racing look, its shape is also adapted to the grip strength at a potential 300 km/h. The wheel is also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, there are very useful attributes such as gear knobs and a control function for playing music, as well as volume control for music and a telephone button for the hands-free system.

More information on AMG accessories can be found here.