How To Maximize E-commerce Sales Using Email Marketing?

Be it an already established eCommerce brand or a newly introduced startup, depending on the value propositions, getting sales is not a big deal. Unlike the old days, eCommerce customers have started trusting the online sellers, and they prefer purchasing products and services from them.

Consequently, despite being loyal to specific brands, consumers do not mind giving a chance to the new entrants, if they have something of value.

In 2019, a marketer can leverage unlimited eCommerce marketing strategies to generate sales. From traditional banner Ads to modern push notifications, they have been utilizing everything that has got some attention from the masses.

However, one of the most successful media is using email marketing. They have been and are still the most reliable and successful mediums of marketing and communications. If you think, you can give up on them for some modern online marketing tool, you would commit the biggest mistake of your entrepreneur life.

Here, in this article, I am going to share some insights that will help you utilize this amazing tech to the fullest of its potentials. I mean, even the bests of the weapons cannot win you a war if you don’t know how to use them.

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What does email marketing mean for eCommerce brands?

For eCommerce businesses, emails are not just a marketing but also a better communication tool. From promotions, brand engagements, transactional updates, to customer support, it is a common thread that binds everything together in an eCommerce platform.

So when we say, email marketing, we indicate on their every possible utilization that eventually lead to a sale and then repeat sales.

So how can you maximize e-Commerce sales using email marketing?

By devising an online marketing strategy from the very beginning, and then moving forward with the other steps.

Building a qualified list

Getting subscribers list is also not a big deal. However, getting relevant subscribers is a tough nut to crack. It is the first and the most crucial step of your digital marketing campaign. You have to know how to get qualified subscribers, or you would keep on trying to sell a car to a newborn baby.

In fact, a newborn baby would not buy anything from you, but his/her parents will. That’s why you should know whom to target and what can encourage them to grab a deal you have been offering.

There are two cases here

You are already an operational business and have been getting some sales. In this case, you should already have a list of your current customers.

If not, you can use the below tactics to get new relevant subscribers for your campaigns. In fact, even if you already have a list of customers, you can still use these eCommerce marketing strategies for collecting qualified addresses.

Fixed sign-up forms

While this is the most obvious idea, you should also know where to put the newsletter subscription form, and what are the things you need to ask in the form.  You can put the sign-up form anywhere you think would draw some attention. Footer, Header, Sidebar, below a blog post, about page, dedicated contact us page, etc.

Dedicated Splash pages

You can use a dedicated page to highlight your sign-up form. You can trigger a splash page on the home-page’s first visit in a session. If you have some incentives to offer alongside the CTA for newsletter subscription, it’s always better to dedicate a page to your sign up form. Besides an eye-catching design, always put a hassle-free exit option to your main page. You don’t want to induce a bounce back in case the user is not interested in your newsletters.