How To Monitor Your Child’s Iphone And Android?

Majority of children have access to smartphones bought by their parents to make communication between them much easier. Apart from making calls and sending texts, smartphones are also used to browse through various websites and connect with others online.

Although the internet is a great way to learn new things and interact with friends, it also has some dangers that parents would like to protect their kids from. It is for this reason that many seek ways to monitor the activities they undertake when using their iPhone or Android phone.

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Why you should keep an eye

As much as parents should demonstrate that their trust their kids, it is important to remember that they still some guidance through life. One of the ways to offer guidance and ensure they do not get into trouble is by monitoring their gadgets. The reasons for keeping an eye on the activities taking place on their Android or iPhone are many but those that stand out are listed below.

Protection of personal information

When browsing on their smartphones, children may unknowingly give information about their home or school location to strangers. In such cases, the stranger they met online can use the information to find them in real life and cause them harm. To ensure that your child’s personal information is protected, parents should monitor phone usage as much as possible.

Prevention of cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying has become quite common on online sites with many young people taking their lives because of threats received by known or unknown people. It is therefore important for parents to check on activities their kids are involved in online to reduce any chances of cyber bullying. If your kid is bullying another person online, you can also nip it in the bud by monitoring mobile devices.

Shelter from online predators

Predators that focus on forming seemingly innocent friendships with kids are many online. It is important to screen everyone that your child is interacting with on their gadget so that the chances of encountering a predator are reduced. In most cases, the little ones will be unaware they are being profiled by a predator until it is too late.

Safeguard your child’s reputation

Most kids easily trust people they meet online making them a great target for bullies or predators. In some cases, they use unflattering images uploaded online to cause emotional distress by threatening to expose them to friends and ruin their reputation. To avoid such incidents, parents should regularly check your kid’s phone so that they can prevent uploading of damaging images online.

Regulate screen time

Phone use for communication, research and entertainment purposes is good but should not keep them away from engaging in other activities. Monitoring its use enables parents to know screen time and regulate it accordingly.

Simple tips on how to monitor your kid’s phone

The need to observe the activities your child engages in when using their Android or iPhone should be a priority for all parents and guardians. Fortunately, there are several options that they can use for monitoring and gathering useful information.

Install a parental control app

Parental control mobile applications have become quite popular over the years with many parents installing them on their children’s phones. The apps offer a variety of features that make it easier for parents to keep an eye on the things their children are doing. Finding the best parental control app requires some effort with many of them being offered through a variety of online platforms.  Ensure that you go through several reviews on the apps to understand their features and other relevant information concerning them. Luckily, there are several apps that you can choose from making it easy to find the most suitable and affordable one for you. 

Check web search results

Majority of children access different websites using their smartphones looking for information or entertainment. Fortunately, the device stores the results from the web searches, making it a good place to visit when monitoring your child’s online activities. The search results often go as far back as possible making it possible to see sites visited and any activities done on the website. Additionally, some search engines like Google provide safe search filters which can be activated on an iPhone or Android making it impossible for your child to access particular websites.

Use third party devices

If you are using a home Wi-Fi network, it is possible to restrict access to certain URLs to protect your child. To do this, you need third party devices that are plugged into the internet hub and can be used to block websites and apps by parents. The mobile extension can work on both android and iPhones making it possible to monitor online activities. Additionally, the devices have geofencing alerts that tell parents when their kids have left the set area.

Discourage the use of passwords

Generally, passwords are used to restrict usage by anyone other than the owner. However, it might be a way to hide information or activities that might put them in danger. To effectively monitor their gadgets, it is important to discourage the use of passwords on applications and the device as a whole. In cases where they must have passwords, they should be shared with you for easier access.

Overall, monitoring your kid’s iPhone and Android phone is an excellent way of ensuring they are not put in harm’s way knowingly or unintentionally. It is normal to feel awkward at first when you keep checking up on their activities, but the focus should be on their protection. Besides keeping an eye, it is important to teach children about the need to be responsible when online so that they are always safe.