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There are many different types of travel, each giving us different experiences. For me, long-pending road trips often leave me with more emotions.

Now tourism is one of the indispensable human needs. After days of stressful and exhausting work, rewarding yourself for long journeys will make you more comfortable. There are many different types of travel, each giving us different experiences. For me, long-pending road trips often leave me with more emotions.

It is essential to prepare your belongings before you go, too much will increase the weight resulting in a big trip, but too little when you need it is not available to use, Everything should be sufficient. Selecting enough essential items will help you have what you need and rarely carry excess luggage.

Within the scope of this article, I just mentioned the necessary items; you should follow your trip to eliminate unused items.

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Determine where you want to go

To start a tour, you need to determine the exact location. Because this trip you explore the long way by private car, so carefully researching the path is essential.

After locating the location you need, you should create your map. The map should show the following: The roads to pass, the distance between the stops, the area of the motels and the gas station.

Locating the gas station is important because your car always needs to be full of gas tanks. You don’t want to be on the run out of gas. It would be inconvenient if there were no gas stations nearby and it was a terrible experience when traveling!

Identifying the distance between stops is equally important as this helps you adjust the amount of gasoline accordingly on each journey.

Find out information about destinations

Find out information about the weather, accommodation, places to visit, activities, events taking place during the visit. (You should arrange the route, the order of travel and rest reasonably). If there is a reasonable schedule, everyone in the group will not be too tired and can go longer, travel more points, save more time.

Prepare for health

A long-pending road trip is an activity that consumes a lot of your health. Because it is a free-form journey, the time spent on a car will make you tired. It would be best if you were in good health to be able to enjoy this travel.

However, if you still want to travel long-pending road trip and your health is not right, improve your health before you go. At least two months before you leave, prepare your health side by jogging to improve your endurance, practicing endurance sports. That way, you can enjoy the long-pending road trip.

Before going, you should have a comprehensive health check to be able to control your health status.

Some essentials for each long trip

Water and food: The ideal option to bring in the car is a few bottles of water type 0.5 – 1 liter. Dried foods, such as cookies, are high in calories, packaged in small packages that can last for a long time. Prepare snacks, so your trip doesn’t get boring!

Clothing: rain-proof underwear will be extremely useful without taking up too much space in the car. Clothes usually depend on your preferences, but you should choose to bring the necessary and compact garments because you need to prepare many things other than rainwear.

First aid kit: The essential first aid kit in the car includes: cotton, bandages, sterile gauze, antibacterial ointment, and waterproof bag. First aid kit is necessary to keep you safe during the trip. Besides, it would be best if you prepared some cold medicines, fever, headache because these minor diseases often appear when you travel.

Flashlight: You can choose to buy a regular flashlight or a particular type of flashlight that doesn’t require batteries (charge by shaking or turning mechanism). There are several versatile lamps on the market, including radios, hazard warning flashes, sirens, seatbelt shears, and phone chargers.

Power cable: Empty battery is one of the reasons why drivers suffer from the sight of cars standing “dead” on the side of the road. There are two equipment options to help the vehicle “survive” through this situation: an external starter cable or a portable battery booster. With an external boot cable, you will need the help of another car, but the solution seems more reasonable when the cost is cheap and not bulky.

Simple car repair tool: Make sure you always have a right spare tire, a jack (suitable for vehicle payload), and a wrench to open the tires for your car; there have been quite a few comedic cases. Out just because of forgetting tire tools, the owner had to wait for another car to come over to support. If you’re shopping for new tires for your road trips, be sure to do your research at

Car towing rails: When going on challenging roads, you need a towing vehicle. If the car is not too deep bogged down, with a rope available in the car, you will quickly get the help of other vehicles. Also, with this prevention, you can ultimately help others on long distances.


Driver’s license: Must-have when traveling by private vehicle. To a new location, you must have permission that proves you can drive, while ensuring traffic safety and obeying the state’s traffic rules.

Vehicle registration such as car insurance, certificate of road fee payment are things needed to avoid getting in trouble with the traffic police while on the road. Of course, if you drive carefully, this will not happen, but being careful is still the best!

Passport and identity card: When entering the border area, as a rule, you will need to show identification with the border guard of that area, so you should bring your identity card. For some strict inspection areas, local authorities may check your card at any time to ensure regional security.


Long-pending road trip needs your courage and thorough preparation. If you are not well prepared, you are more likely to encounter adverse conditions. Facing difficulties in a strange place is a terrible thing. Never decide to travel long-pending road trip when inadequate preparation.

This article is a collection of tips for traveling long-pending road trip by experienced people. It is beneficial if you want your trip to be excellent. If you have any experience on how to prepare for a long-pending road trip, please comment below. Stay tuned to catch up with our next articles!