Going For Your First Road Trip On a Bike? Here Are 10 Tips To Make It Memorable

Long bike trips on beautiful roads are always exciting and filled with adventure. And when it’s your first bike trip, you know how sleep bids goodbye!

But all excitement and no awareness is always a recipe for failure.

That’s why, here, we are sharing 10 tips to help you manage everything smartly, making your first two-wheeler road trip memorable.

So, buckle up and read on.

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1. Sleep Early and Leave Early


If you are a fan of the early morning sky, make sure you leave for the ride at around 4 or 5 in the morning. This means that you will have to sleep early and wake up at least 75 minutes prior to your departure time.

But it’s all going to be worth the effort.

The morning breeze is beautiful, and the experience is truly incredible — something you wouldn’t want to miss.

So, when you have a trip to ride the next morning, sleep early.

This will also give you all the energy to pass the day on the road. Riding isn’t the most comfortable sport, after all.

Also, when you are traveling in the morning, you will have the chance to capture the beautiful roads and sceneries under beautiful natural lights with the least people around.

2. Get an Action Camera


As it’s your first bike trip, you are going to come across many new experiences. And that’s the beauty of bike trips.

But after some time, you may forget those experiences, as the memory may fade. That’s why it’s always good to have an action camera attached either to your bike or helmet.

These cameras can record your journey as you ride across all the beautiful roads and sceneries.

Also, there can be places that seem beautiful to you, but you may not want to disturb the ride. (Yes, we feel the pain).

Thanks to action cameras. They record everything, whether we stop or not.

3. Wear Safety Gear


Riding a two-wheeler can often be a risky affair. Plus, as it’s your first trip, you must be extra-cautious.

And the first thing that you must do for your safety is to wear the right safety gear.

From gloves to riding boots, from helmet to a jacket and riding pants, everything is essential to assure safety.

So, don’t pick one or two out of these. Safety should be the first priority or your great adventure can turn into a painful fiasco.

Also, buy your safety gear only from a certified shop like MXStore.

4. Stop For Snacks At Off Hours

Restaurants on the highways are generally populated at most times. However, if you stop at a restaurant at 11 am or 12 pm for lunch and 5 pm or 6 pm for dinner, you may save yourself from the rush.

So, keep this in mind. This will also save time.

5. Always Have Water Backup


Finding water in the middle of the highway isn’t always possible. Plus, when the thirst strikes, the body’s energy goes down.

To keep yourself safe from these bitter experiences, make sure you have water backup, at all times.

Carrying an extra bottle of water is always going to be a good idea.

6. Pack Light

Having a lot of stuff on your back while riding the bike can lead to several health issues, including severe back pain.

Plus, you may know how a lot of baggage lowers down the overall ride quality. As a result, you may not be able to enjoy the ride to the fullest. And the body-ache is only going to make the situation worse.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t pack anything beyond a pair of clothes?

Not at all. It’s not about leaving the essentials, but about packing them smartly.

So, first of all, get saddle carriers and pack your important stuff.

7. Follow the Traffic Rules


Well, safety while riding isn’t only limited to wearing the right safety gear. The way you ride on the road also decides overall safety.

This is why it’s crucial to follow all the traffic rules. So, whether it’s a traffic signal, or a speed limit, or general rules for overtaking, you must make sure that you are following all of them,

Also, remember to ride only in the motorcycling lane. As you are new for the experience of long rides, it’s best to be more cautious.

8. Have All Registration Documents

If you don’t want to waste your time getting into legal trouble, make sure you are carrying all the important documents on your ride.

These documents include your riding license, your bike’s registration papers, insurance documents and pollution certificates (plus, anything else, if applicable).

Basically, if your vehicle’s registration has expired, don’t take it out on the road until the registration is renewed. The same holds for insurance and pollution certificates as well.

9. Ride With a Group


On your first long bike trip, you may be too nervous about hitting the road alone, and that’s okay!

It can be a long journey, and without the right company, it can get really challenging. However, riding with a group will enable you to make friends, so the journey doesn’t get boring.

Also, the group members will have the right experience, which will help you as well.

Most motorcycle groups are generally friendly and welcoming for new members. But, when in the group, make sure you follow the group rules as well.

Going on a group ride is always fun, and surely you will get the chance to make some great memories and friends.

10. No Matter What, Have Fun!


Motorcycling isn’t a fairytale sport, where you get all the comforts right under your feet and hands.

It’s more of a rough activity, where you may have to deal with several inconveniences on your journey.

Many of us might already have spent hours fixing their bikes on the roadside. And that’s the beauty of it. But you can only enjoy it if you are having fun.

So, if challenges crop up, take them up with a big smile, own your riding experience, and have a great time, no matter what.

Final words

As you are planning your first bike trip, your excitement can be at an all-time high. But to ensure that your experiences are great and your ride is memorable, you must approach the ride smartly.

In this post, we mentioned a few tips that can help you with that. For destination tips and ideas, we suggest you visit magellanmotorcycletours.co.uk. Hopefully, this was a useful article.

Pack your stuff and hit the road!