How to Save Money When Shopping Online

Today, people are increasingly opting for online shopping. Possible reasons are the lack of time for classic shopping or finding the best offer much faster. It’s easier to browse the internet than physically go shopping.

Also, online shopping is a privilege of a new age where we can shop from the comfort of our armchairs, avoiding the hustle and bustle of shopping malls. As with any other purchase, each of us wants to save money. Money saved is money earned. We’ve researched what are the easiest online savings tricks, and we hope you already apply most of them. Let’s go!

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Avoid The Trap Of Dynamic Billing

Dynamic billing is an insidious strategy for online retailers to show different prices to different buyers based on their location, search patterns and online spending, and given the current demand for a particular product. This technique has become so sophisticated that most marketers know exactly what your budget is (while shopping online), so they can show you a higher price when compared to someone who normally pays less in online purchases.

How To Avoid This?

  • Clear your search history, especially cookies
  • Sign out of all accounts (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Switch to incognito, new private window
  • Choose localized versions of pages instead of redirecting you to the US. For example, eBay can also be found at (Germany), etc.
  • Choose less developed countries as your country to get better airfare or similar things that can be bought or booked online

Compare Prices

The next thing you should do is compare the prices of desired products in different stores. You can do this through Google Shopping, Pricekart, etc. where you can enter the product you are looking for in a search engine. Then the site will throw out information about stores that have that particular product as well as prices. This could make the search and decision easier.

See Feedback, Read Reviews

Before you decide to buy a product, check the feedback for that product. You don’t want to buy something that most people were unhappy with, even if it only costs you only a few bucks.

Leave Products in Shopping Cart

Put all the chosen products in your shopping cart and leave them for a day or two, but don’t sign out. Stay logged in on your personal computer and simply shut down the page. This will make you avoid impulsive buying and that is the first advantage. The other advantage is that most merchants do not like open, unfinished business. Therefore, they might contact you with coupons or offer you a better price.

Shop The Right Days

Although Sunday afternoons seem convenient for surfing and shopping online, it turns out that most retailers are giving discounts and running deals on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Also, Sunday is the day to buy cheaper plane tickets, and Monday is the day when the most expensive ones are available. If you buy laptops and desktops, Dell and Hewlett-Packard companies send coupons every Tuesday.

Strategically Use Coupons

If you are shopping online on pages that give you coupons and promo codes, you will want to make the most of them. For example, sites like Wadav are providing top coupons and promo codes you can use. If you have a 25% off promotion code and a $ 5 coupon on such a website – use the promo code first. This will take 25% off the whole price, and then you get another $ 5 off and save more.

Contact Customer Service

Maybe a specific-product coupon has expired and you wanted to use it. Contact customer service and ask them to either renew your coupon or resend it because you want to buy this product. It is in their interest to sell it so it’s worth a try.

If You Do Not Have A Coupon Or Discount

Today, many online stores have a live chat with customer service. Try to contact them nicely and politely, ask them a few questions about the product, and then ask them if they are giving any discounts. Don’t buy without a discount if you don’t have to. Try to fight for yourself because it will cost you nothing and you can save.

Looking For A Back Difference In Price

Let’s say you bought something yesterday and today, you saw that the same product is on a discount. Something like this may upset you. The great thing is that some companies want to refund the price difference if you contact them as soon as you spot it. Therefore, inquire – that will cost you nothing.

Shop Where You Can Return The Product

This is extremely useful when buying clothes and shoes. They can be too big, too small, with a fault, etc. so it’s good to know that you can either return the product and get your money back or exchange it for a new one.

Avoid shopping by connecting to unchecked Wi-Fi networks

This applies to airports, cafes, or any public places that have Wi-Fi. Online shopping through these Wi-Fi connections may result in the theft of your personal information.

Avoid Cell Phone Purchases

Why? Because it’s very tempting and easy, so you might as well buy what you don’t need. If you’re an otherwise compulsive buyer, this can only make the situation worse. You prefer to shop online for your personal computer. However, some online stores give higher discounts on the mobile version of the app than if you access the same via a desktop computer. In this case, we recommend self-control in the use of cell phones for online shopping, as you can save more by making purchases over cell phones.

Buy Clothes And Shoes Before The Holidays

It is better to buy clothes and shoes before the holidays and at the end of the season when they are at discount. This way you will certainly manage to save some money.

We hope that these tips have been helpful to you and we wish you a happy and safe purchase with the greatest possible savings!