How to Start Your Own Flat Iron Line?

The flat iron is an electrical device used in straightening the hair; it is also called hair straightener or straightening iron. Crimping iron, also called hair crimper, is a device used to style the hair or create crimps of desired shape or size in the hair.

Raping growth in technology as well as the ever-increasing demand for certain products and services has made the flat iron an important and popular tool in hair styling. As a result, a lot of people wants to create a flat iron brand for themselves and launch a flat iron line.

To those who want to venture into this line, do you know how to start a flat iron line? Do you know how to brand your own flat iron? What are the things to take note of before you start your own flat iron line?

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1. Pick the Right Shape

What’s the right shape of a flat iron if I may ask? You might think it’s flat and simple. However, know that the versatility of these straightening iron can be affected by the edges. Making a transition from the iron to a pincer will be easier if the outer edges and plates of the straightening iron are slightly rounded. You can get a smoother hair from a flat iron with sharp edges; however, this iron is less adaptable.

The shape, generally are categorized into V-type and X-type, the X-type was popular at first, but the V-type is what’s trending at the moment. The V-type – which is a streamlined hair straightener – is preferable because it can be used for hair straightening and hair curling. A lot of hair stylist makes use of the flat iron for hair curling, regardless of the type of iron you want to produce, you need to consider the market positioning and customer base.

2. Consider the width of the flat iron plate

Straightening irons are grouped into mini, narrow, medium, and wide types according to their size:

  • The mini straight hair plate usually has a length of 60 mm (about 2.4 inches) and width of 10 – 15mm (0.4-0.6 inch).
  • The narrow hair plate usually has a length of 80-90mm (about 3.5 inches and above) and a width of 10 – 15mm (0.4-0.6 inch).
  • The medium hair plate usually has a length of 90mm (about 2.4 inches) and a width of 24 – 38mm (1-1.25 inch).
  • The wide hair plate usually has a length of 90mm (about 3.53 inch) and a width of 38 – 50mm (1.5-2inch).

Note: The wider the plates, the quicker the hair straightening process. Obviously, some people may prefer to travel with a flat iron with more narrow plates, something that can fit easily in the bag. Ladies with fine hair may discover that flat iron with wide plate damage their hair shaft because it applies too much heat to the hair.

3. Choose the Right Heating Plates

The materials used in producing the heating plate differs and can be grouped into aluminum ceramic coating plate, microcrystalline glass plate, pure ceramic plate, Titanium plate, Titanium ceramic coating plate, and Tourmaline plate.

It’s easy to manufacture aluminum ceramic coating plate irons, these irons have smooth edges and do not rub the hair, all thanks to its mechanical forming. Pull hair was also effective because the surface is sprayed ceramic glazes. The set back of the plate is that it is metallic, not insulated by itself, and the internal heating element needs to be insulated to prevent possible safety hazards.

The microcrystalline glass plate is less adopted; another main feature is that the surface smoothness is not that good as the ceramic glazes. Also, this type of plate is difficult to produce and fix, and the product structure has to be redesigned.

Pure ceramic plate combines efficiency and value, providing equal distribution of heat for most hair textures. Ceramic coating, however, is only found in some straighteners. Ceramics wears away eventually, leaving a flat iron that does not distribute heat or distributes uneven heat. Advantages include; good safety, good insulation performance, and environmental protection. The cons are: many processing steps, long processing cycle, and smoothen the hair during the straightening process.

Titanium hair straighteners are heated quickly by applying high temperatures regularly. However, these irons are more expensive. You don’t need one except you have a thick and very curly hair.

Titanium ceramic coating plates are produced from durable titanium plate. This iron is treated with ceramic glaze, making the surface smooth, which prevents pulling the hair. It is believed ceramic plate is ideal for hair since a lot of people cannot tell the difference in the board material. However, titanium ceramic glazes flat iron is very common and cost-effective, considering the productions, transportation, and cost of labor.

Tourmaline plates sometimes referred to as ‘ionic plates,’ are ideal for damaged hair. This plate produces more negative ions than positive ions, sealing the hair shaft and reducing frizz.

4. Consider the Temperature

Hair straighteners, according to different heating elements, can be grouped into ceramic heating elements, MCH heating elements, and PTC heating elements.

Ceramic heating element offers environmental protection and fast heating rate. Generally, the splint surface temperature can reach 200 degrees from 30-45 seconds. Nevertheless, since the ceramic heating element is sintered at a temperature above 1000 degrees, it will be easy for the temperature to exceed 300 degrees once the circuit loses control, and the plastic material of the fixed heating plate will burn out, detaching the heating plate. When this happens, it may burn the skin when it comes into contact with the user.

MCH heating element is made of ceramic and belongs to a group of Active Electronic Components (AEC). This heating element which can reach its maximum temperature within twenty seconds can combine multi-function and stable temperature for intensive and prolonged usage. MCH heating element is very common in high-end products and professional salon hair tools.

PTC heating elements are made of Barium Titanate and belongs to a group of Passive Electronic Components (PEC). This element can be programmed during manufacturing (No IC card 3rd element is required) of hair curlers and hair straighteners and also when using it. PTC can attain a max ideal temperature of 230 degrees. PTC heater is very common in hair curlers and straighteners, and it takes about 1 minute to reach its maximum temperature.

Note: The higher the temperature, the more effective the device. However, not every type of hair requires very hot irons. To minimize hair damage, go for irons that provide adjustable heat settings or controls, then use the lowest temperature that’s suitable for the hairstyle.

Low-cost irons can sometimes distribute uneven heat, which can result in uneven texture and possibly burn your hair. Professional infrared hair straighteners are equipped with smart sensors in each plate; the plate is floating and make sure the iron has a lot of heat to do any hairstyle without overheating.

5. Wired or Wireless hair straighteners

Based on the power cable, hair straighteners can be grouped into wired hair straighteners and wireless rechargeable hair straightener.

A wired hair straightener has a cord that can connect to the mains for the supply of power. The good thing about this device is that you can operate it continuously. The disadvantage of this device is that it could cause a safety hazard if the device’s control is unreasonable during the product design and production. In addition, the power cord makes this device less flexible or inconvenient to carry about.

The wireless hair straightener comes with a rechargeable battery that serves as a source of power. The good thing about this device is its safety, due to its tributary power source. The wireless flat iron is also flexible and convenient to travel with. The disadvantage lies in the battery lifespan; it can only function for 30-60 minutes after charging.

Wired hair straighteners are ideal for professional hair stylist and people who travel less or don’t travel at all. For those that love travelling and don’t really need major changes to their hair, a wireless hair straightener is an ideal choice.

6. Learn About the Performance of Flat Iron

This can be grouped into ordinary flat iron and wet & dry flat iron.

An ordinary flat iron can only be used to pull dry hair. The wet and dry flat iron can be used to pull wet hair. The wet and dry straightener have 8-10 pores in the hair plates that allows water to emerge from the pores into steam.

Manufacturers hardly design ordinary hair straighteners these days, the design more of wet and dry flat irons to meet what’s trending, and consumers demand. However, some manufacturers produce low-quality products to take advantage of or cheat unprofessional retailers or distributors.

7. Select the Right Type of Plug

Available plug types include Chinese plug, Europe plug, UL plug (US plug leakage protection), Australia plug, plugin Japan, Germany, electric plug, plugin South Africa, the United Kingdom and other plug types. Voltage: 110-240V, global universal voltage is also available, for a country, specific current or voltage.

TO select the right type of plug, you need to know the voltage and which voltage is used in the country. Most suppliers would recommend the common plug, but it may not be ideal if your sales region or country uses a specific voltage.

8. Consider the Value and Price

It’s possible you may want to buy cheap iron, if you do, you will probably discover that your store have fewer customers and no repeat customers, you may even get some negative reviews from customers. The problem with cheap plates is that they break easily. Besides, cheap plates can damage the hair since they apply uneven heat, become entangled, and also overheat.

Pricier irons have more value. Buying quality flat irons will last for years and save you a lot of embarrassment and backlash from customers. You even save money in the long run because you don’t have to replace broken plates all the time.

In summary, pay close attention to the value and price of the flat iron.

9. Look for a Reliable Private Label Flat Iron Manufacturer

To bring your business idea to life, you need a reliable customizable flat iron manufacturer who is well-experienced in the field and have positive reviews from clients.

Check the following platforms for flat iron manufacturers: is the official site of Hongsen Hairdressing Equipment Technology CO., LTD; this company has a manufacturing plant and sales team of its own. The company has about ten years of experience in producing custom hair styling tools; they offer quality private label flat irons and custom curling iron manufacturing services for companies, global brands, distributions, factory wholesalers. This manufacturer can assist you in creating the right flat iron for your brand that will suit your target market. is one of the biggest online commerce platforms on the planet. You will find different hair straightening manufacturers on this platform. You can contact some of the suppliers to know how much they charge, their certification, and supply ability. You may spend some time selecting an ideal manufacturer when using this platform. is a manufacturer in China that deals on hair tools; they are well known for creative designs, high-quality products, and smooth pre-sales and aftersales services.,, and are other similar commerce platforms like

Above all, you need to learn the process involved in manufacturing flat iron for hair besides selecting the right and reliable private label flat iron manufacturer.