Know About Flower Gifting Culture Across The World

The appealing beauty, sweet scent, and soothing effect of flowers make them a perfect gift for several occasions. Not just on traditional festivals or special occasions, flowers also make a popular gift choice for formal occasions, and even at funerals to bid adieu to the departed soul.

Gifting someone flowers can be perceived in different ways by people of different cultures. Like, red roses may not be considered the most romantic flowers everywhere or in several countries, people prefer to gift flowers specifically in odd numbers. Therefore, it is important to know which flower is suitable to gift on which occasion and in what number across the world.

We present to you some of the important facts regarding flower-gifting culture in different countries across the world.

      • Peonies are considered the most popular flowers among Chinese, especially on the joyous occasion of weddings.
      • Gifting flowers to teachers is considered the most popular gift choice in China.
      • In England, red roses are considered perfect for romantic gifting. British people prefer to gift flowers when invited to someone’s home but they avoid giving white lilies as they signify death. You can order blooms from online websites for flowers delivery in UK to your friends, family, and loved ones.
      • In France, Lily of the Valley signifies springtime, and it is a custom to give a bouquet of these flowers to your friends, family, and loved ones to wish them good luck.

      • In Italy, yellow color flowers are related to betrayal but they are also considered the symbol of success, glory, and luxury. Orange flowers symbolize joy and happiness that are always gifted on birthdays and anniversaries. Light blue flowers are considered ideal for a wedding and as a gift of flowers in the springtime.
      • In Russia, red roses and spring flowers, such as hyacinths and tulips are gifted on Women’s Day.

    • In Russia, birthday flowers are always gifted in a bunch or as a single flower. People abstain from gifting floral arrangements or gift baskets as the birthday gift. Russians always gift flowers in odd numbers for occasions of joy.
    • Roses, lilies, and carnations are considered the most appropriate flowers for funerals and sympathy in Russia, as these flowers are firmly compressed flowers in a circular shape signifying life, death, birth, and rebirth.
    • In Korea & Brazil, white chrysanthemums are the appropriate flowers for funerals, while in Vietnam it is tuberose.
    • In Brazil, single flowers are given in romantic situations usually before or after a dinner date.o

      • In Korea, roses have a less romantic association. People prefer to gift 20 roses to their friends and loved ones on 20th birthday.
      • In the Arab countries, white and light-colored flowers are usually given on the occasion of the birthday, engagement, and marriage.
      • In Arab, women cannot directly gift flowers to men. If a woman wants to send flowers to a male as a gesture of gratitude or appreciation, then she should send them in his wife’s name.

          • In Germany, white flowers are considered funeral flowers while in Greece carnations are associated with funerals.
          • In America, people celebrate Christmas with an exchange of flowers and gifts. Flowers are also considered the perfect birthday gift in America for people of all age groups.
          • Gifting flowers in odd numbers is an old European culture, which is still in practice. But they never gift 13 flowers, as the number is considered unlucky.
          • In Africa, flowers are exclusively exchanged during Christmas. Flower gifting culture in African countries is confined to funerals and weddings only.

        • In Catalonia, roses are gifted on 23rd April every year to commemorate their patron saint, Saint Jordi. This day is also commemorated as the Feast of Saint George.